Uninstall BeiTaAd From Your PC In Just 5 Minute

This post includes in-depth information of BeiTaAd and a recommended solution to get rid of it from the contaminated machine. So, read this post completely and follow the instruction carefully in exact order.

Delete BeiTaAd

A Short Info of BeiTaAd
Name BeiTaAd
Alias com.cootek.beita
Type Potentially Unwanted Program
Discovered In year 2018
Promoted As Adware based plug-in
Located In Google Play
Related Videosp.pro, allneed.pro pop-up, Unifysmarttools.club pop-up etc.
  • Displays adverts in several form
  • Download and install several malicious program
  • Highly consumes resources and downpour overall performance speed
  • Disrupts web surfing experience
  • Exploits Computer vulnerabilities and much more.
Removal Possible, to delete BeiTaAd easily and completely, user can try Windows Scanner Tool.

A Detailed Information of BeiTaAd

BeiTaAd is regarded as an adware based plug-in created by an adware developer. The technology of this plug-in and program has been found in applications of 238 Google Play that have been downloaded for 440 million times. After intruding inside the Windows machine, it causes too much serious issues. User's might experiencing with several intrusive pop-ups and links. Despites, it start causing the crashes and regular freezes on user machine. It is mainly capable for bombarding user screen with thousand number of adverts that frequently lead user to affiliate site. So that hackers can get online revenue from novice users. BeiTaAd seems as a useful one at the first glimpse but in reality it is completely untrusted one which doesn't deliver any useful feature to user.

Intrusion Methods of BeiTaAd

BeiTaAd is a dubious plug-in that infiltrate inside the machine through bundled with an application belongs to the Cootek that mainly known for releasing TouchPal that included com.cootek.beita.plugin. System users who have been downloading several healthcare and fitness applications from this company are mainly concerned for displaying several advertisements on device. Another common sources of it's infiltration are software bundles, peer-to-peer file sharing network, contaminated devices, pirated software and many more. After infiltrating inside the machine, it causes several serious issues. This is why, uninstallation of BeiTaAd is highly recommended.

Tricks To Prevent Yourself Against Installation of BeiTaAd

  1. Keep a distance away from the unknown 3rd-party.
  2. Never click on any infectious ads or hyperlinks.
  3. Always update your System application and programs on regular basis.
  4. Keep your software, application or program up-to-date.
  5. Download and install a reliable anti-virus tool.
  6. Be attentive while doing any online operation.


Easy Steps To Remove BeiTaAd Manually

BeiTaAd is indeed a dangerous threat which should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. Below are the some manual steps which helps you to get rid of BeiTaAd.

BeiTaAd Removal From Control Panel Of Windows 8

1. Select Search from the Top right corner of the screen and then type Control Panel.

Windows 8

2. When the Control Panel windows appears, select Uninstall a program under programs and remove BeiTaAdfrom it.

BeiTaAd Removal From Control panel Of Windows 7/XP And Vista

1. Click On start Button from the task panel of desktop.

Windows XP, Windows 7 images

2. When control Panel windows appears then select Uninstall a program under Program sections and click on it.

3. Click installed on under Program and features Window.

Step 3

4. Select BeiTaAd and click on Uninstall.

step 4

For Windows 10

1. Click start Menu.

Windows 10

2. Click On system Setting.

Windows 10 step 2

3. Click on App and Features under system menu.

Windows 10 step 3

4. From the List select BeiTaAd and click on Uninstall Button.

Windows 10 step 4

Delete BeiTaAd From Windows Registry

1. Click Start Button from MS registry editor and select Run.

Step 1

2. Type regedit on Run windows and click OK.

Step 2

3. List of registry entries will appear and check the program under HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE.. If you see unknown files, type program name with extension in search box . If you find any BeiTaAd files then remove it immediately.


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BeiTaAd Removal From Microsoft Edge

1. Click More(…)->Click Settings->Once address bar opens.

MIcrosoft EDge 1

2. Choose a Specific page->once the options opens.

EDge step 2

3. Select custom->put URL to see the default homepage and click on the Remove button.

Edge step 3 image

BeiTaAd Removal From Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Menu Button>Tools>Extensions.

google-chrome. step 1 iamge

2. Select BeiTaAd and other associated program and click trash bin.

BeiTaAd Removal From Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox Menu Button>Select Add-ons>Select BeiTaAd and other associated program and click Remove button.

Firefox. step 1

BeiTaAd Removal From Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet explorer then click Tools and then Add-on tools and extensions.


2. Select BeiTaAd and other malware associated programs>Click Remove Buttons.

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