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Step-by-Step Nozelesn Ransomware Removal Process For Users

Nozelesn Ransomware Targeting Poland-PC Users

Nozelesn Ransomware is yet another newly-discovered file-encoder virus which is especially designed to target the system users located in Poland. Once getting inside the Windows machine, the malware encrypts the files stored onto it and appends '.nozelesn' extension to each of the files that it enciphers. After it does that, the criminal hackers responsible for this malicious attack will display a ransom note onto the affected system screen that can easily be identified as 'HOW_FIX_NOZELESN_FILES.htm'. Based on the research report, the Nozelesn Ransomware instruct the victimized users to login through a TOR payment site to receive further instructions to get the decryptor.

Nozelesn Ransomware

In order to login the TOR server, victimized PC users will need a unique ID number that might be shown in the ransom note displayed by this malware. The TOR payment server provided by this ransomware is also known as 'Nozelesn Decryption Cabinet' which is located in the address of 'lyasuvlsarvrlyxz.onion'. Cyber criminals behind Nozelesn Ransomware asks 0.10 bitcoin from the victimized users which is approximately equal to 660 USD. However, paying asked ransom fee to the virus developers is never recommended because you might not get the right decryption key even after making the ransom payment. Instead of making ransom payment, you need to restore the files using Shadow Volume copies of your vital data but right after eliminating Nozelesn Ransomware completely from your PC.

Prevent Tips For Nozelesn Ransomware Attack

Malware researchers highly suggest using the good computing tips in order to protect yourself from the attack of such notorious computer virus. You should always maintain a regular backup of your vital data that can be used to restore the files after the attack of Nozelesn Ransomware virus or similar cyber infections. Unfortunately, the decryptor for this malware is not available at the time of writing this article. However, the researchers were continuously working on the samples of this threat in order to provide the free decryption tool in future. The most important thing that you need to follow to prevent Nozelesn Ransomware attack is to avoid opening the files attached to junk emails arrived from unreliable sources.


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