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How To Delete Litra Ransomware From Your PC

Researchers Report On Litra Ransomware

Litra Ransomware has been identified as a newly discovered ransomware that has been mainly spoken on famous social site named Twitter. It is a new ransomware but it's notorious action is similar to the traditional one. It automatically plants itself on user's targeted machine via several infectious payload, creates the several suspicious Windows registry keys and after that it performs several planned actions. It locks entire data stored on infected machine and append .litra file extension at the end of files name. After that, it bombards user's desktop screen with the ransom demanding message that urges victim to pay ransom fee in order to decrypt all valuable files. See how the ransom note of Litra Ransomware looks like :

Ransom Note of Litra Ransomware

Threat Profile of Litra Ransomware

  • Name of Threat – Litra Ransomware
  • Category – Ransomware
  • Discovered By – Siri
  • Risk Level – High
  • Related – YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware, KICK Ransomware, Basilisque Locker ransomware etc.
  • File Extension – .litra
  • Ransom Amount – 100-350 USD/EUR
  • Contact Address – omegax0protonmail.com
  • File Decryption – Possible, for successful deletion of Litra Ransomware and file decryption, make use of Windows Scanner Tool.

Know About The Ransom Message of Litra Ransomware

Similar to other ransomware infection, Litra Ransomware has been created by the team of cyber hackers to blackmail user and earn online money from them. After locking files as well as data, it displays a pop-up window which includes instruction on how to pay ransom fee. In the ransom note, expert's advised victims to contact with criminals. To make contact with developers of Litra Ransomware, victims often encourages victim to create an email account on the protonmail.com site and write an email via omegax0protonmail.com.

Hackers also state victim to pay ransom note which cost may varies between 100-350 USD/EUR. Along with this, it is also mentioned that file decryption is impossible without the help of Litra Ransomware developers. Despites of all facts, experts never recommended victims to believe on cyber hacker and pay ransom money. As a rule, ransomware developers don't send any file decryption key or tool even paying ransom fee. So, expert's advised victims to use data backup to restore the files. But if you want to keep your valuable data and computer safe for longer time then you must follow the below described Litra Ransomware removal instruction.

Potential Sources of Litra Ransomware Infiltration

  • Spam email campaigns includes dubious attachment.
  • Unreliable or untrusted download channels.
  • Cost free file hosting site.
  • Freeware or shareware download sites.
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing network.
  • Questionable sources or third-party downloaders etc.


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