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Cossy Ransomware Removal Step-By-Step Effective Solution

This post is all about Cossy Ransomware, a dangerous Russian file-encrypting malware that locks up infected machine through performing file encryption procedure. To get affected files back or decrypt them, this guide will definitely help you because it includes Cossy Ransomware removal guide and file decryption instruction. So, keep reading this post till the end.

Ransom Note of Cossy Ransomware

Cossy Ransomware : Identified As A Russian Encrypting Virus

Over the Internet, there are numerous Russian cryptolocker and Cossy Ransomware is one of them that uses RSA-2048 file encryption algorithm to lock users document that are stored on their PCs like audio or video clips, images, documents, spreadsheets, databases, PDFs and many more. After the depth analysis, experts revealed that it is mainly targeting Russian speaking users because it displays ransom note in Russian language but it doesn't mean that later it can not affected other speaking users or other countries user escaped from this attack. 

Expert's Analysis Report on Cossy Ransomware

Threat's Name Cossy Ransomware
Type Ransomware
Danger Level High
Affected PCs Windows OS
Mainly Targeted Russian speakers
Encipher Used RSA-2048
Affected PCs Windows OS
Related [email protected] Ransomware
File Extensions .lnk.Protected, .Protected and .Защищено
Executable File Cossy.exe
Email Address [email protected]
Ransom Amount 50 rubles in BTC
Removal Possible, to delete Cossy Ransomware and decrypt your valuable files, you must use Windows Scanner Tool.

Working Mechanism of Cossy Ransomware

  • Gets inside the PC secretly by following numerous tricky ways.
  • Automatically executes an executable file named cossy.exe.
  • Performs file encryption procedure and makes targeted files inaccessible.
  • Drops a ransom note in Russian language and urges user for paying 50 rubles in BTC.
  • Disables all firewall settings and security measures.
  • Makes targeted machine weird and slower.
  • Urges user to contact with Cossy Ransomware developer via [email protected] email address.
  • Prevents you from accessing your System and data normally etc.

Distribution Preferences of Cossy Ransomware

Cossy Ransomware is another dangerous ransomware infection that follows secret intrusion method to penetrate inside the machine but mainly it distributed via spam campaigns and their dubious or rogue System files. Spam emails often includes suspicious attachments that sent by unknown or hackers to user inbox and urges them for opening them. Once user opened those suspicious attachment then their PC gets compromised by Cossy Ransomware. Besides, it can also gets inside the machine via third-party site, malicious links, unsafe domain, bundling method and many more.


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