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Delete BlackPink Ransomware From Windows OS Easily

BlackPink Ransomware : Ransomware That Uses .BlackPink File Extension

If your System files are locked with .BlackPink file extension and you unable to access them then it is confirmed that your Windows PC is contaminated by BlackPink Ransomware. Being a ransomware, it also locks your all crucial data and then demand for ransom money. After making targeted files inaccessible, it delivers a ransom note on users desktop screen entitled as how_to_recover_files.txt. The ransom note of this ransom virus is displayed in Korean language. This is why, most of the users think that it only targets Korean users but it is wrong because it is ability to target almost all language users. Before knowing too much about BlackPink Ransomware, see its related ransom note :

Ransom Note of BlackPink Ransomware

Threat Profile of BlackPink Ransomware
Threat Name BlackPink Ransomware
Threat Type Ransomware, File encrypting virus
Risk Level High
Affected OS Windows
File Extension .BlackPink
Ransom Note how_to_recover_files.txt
Primary Goal Target large number of system users, make their data as well as files inaccessible and extort money from victims.
File Decryption Possible
Removal Solution Use Windows Scanner Tool, to delete BlackPink Ransomware and decrypt your all valuable files.

Detailed Encryption Procedure & Ransom Note Information of BlackPink Ransomware

BlackPink Ransomware is a new member of ransomware which is still in development phase. Upon the in-depth analysis, it has been observed with future iterations which means its developer will launch another ransomware. Such a ransomware is mainly programmed to gather metrics of infected machine including system configuration details, software as well as hardware components, user setting and many more.

It collects users all personal data like their PDFs, images, videos, databases, spreadsheets and many more and encrypt them by adding .BlackPink file extension. After that it drops a text file that serves as a ransom note. By displaying ransom note, it asks user for paying the ransom demand fee but it is a not a good way to get back your valuable file. Rather than promoting hackers motive and paying ransom fee, experts are highly advised victims to follow below mentioned BlackPink Ransomware removal instruction to get rid of it and get back all valuable files.

Distribution Channels of BlackPink Ransomware

Being a ransomware, BlackPink Ransomware uses several tricky channels to victimized users machine but some of the most common distribution channels are :

  • Email phishing campaigns
  • Dangerous or hacked website
  • Pirated software
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing website
  • Infected peripheral devices
  • Fake installer, torrent attackers, malicious domains etc.


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