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Vally Ransomware Removal Effective Procedure (+File Decryption Guide)

Descriptive Note On Vally Ransomware

Vally Ransomware is one of the variation of Scarab Ransomware family that attacks wide range of Windows PC. First of all, it's attack sample was noticed by malware researchers on April 23rd, 2019. It is not a completely new ransomware because it is based on old source code of Scarab that has already infected large number of Windows PCs. It actually comes with only few modification like file extension. It applies custom cipher to lock user files including audio, images, databases, presentations, text files, eBooks, PDFs, spreadsheets etc. The enciphered files of this ransomware can be notified easily just because of it's .vally file extension. Once, it targeted user's files then it presents a text file on desktop screen entitled as "HOW TO RECOVER ENCRYPTED FILES.TXT".

Ransom Note of Vally Ransomware

Threat Profile of Vally Ransomware
Name Vally Ransomware
Variant of Scarab Ransomware
Type File encrypting virus, Ransomware
Risk Level High
Emerged On April 23rd, 2019
File Extension .vally
Email Address [email protected] and [email protected]
File Decryption Possible, to decrypt files, deletion of Vally Ransomware is essential which is only possible via Windows Scanner Tool.

Transmission Preferences of Vally Ransomware

Similar to other member of Scarab Ransomware, Vally Ransomware also spreads secretly using various deceptive and tricky ways. The payload dropper of this ransomware that initiate dubious malicious scripts often spread across the Internet. The software bundles and spam campaigns are the most common source of this ransomware. But it can also spreads via infected device, malicious script attachment, P2P file sharing website, contaminated devices, hacked domain and much more. It's infection source may always changes but it only spreads via Internet. So, be attentive while surfing web.

In-Depth Information of Ransom Note Promoted By Vally Ransomware Developer

The ransom note of Vally Ransomware clearly state that your System files are locked with strong algorithm. To get your files back, you have to pay ransom fee. Since files stored on PC is crucial for user, so they decided to pay ransom demanded fee. However, expert's are not recommended users to pay ransom fee under the any circumstances because developer of this ransomware doesn't deliver a guarantee to deliver decryption key even paying ransom fee. Paying ransom fee is likely to motive hackers to create various ransomware. So, users must delete Vally Ransomware instead of making deal with cyber criminals.


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