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Refols Ransomware Removal Step-by-Step Solution

This post is specifically created to explain Windows users actually what is Refols Ransomware, how it enters inside the PC, what does it perform on targeted machine and most importantly how can you delete Refols Ransomware it. To know all about it, go through this expert's tutorial guide completely.

Delete Refols Ransomware

An Overview On Refols Ransomware
Name Refols Ransomware
Variant of STOP Ransomware
Category Ransomware
Risk Level High
Affected PCs Windows OS
Encipher Used AES & RSA
File Extension .reflos
Ransom Note _open_.txt
Ransom Amount $980 with 50% discount means $490
Contact Address [email protected] and [email protected]
File Decryption Possible
Removal Recommendation Use Windows Scanner Tool for the successful deletion of Refols Ransomware and it's file decryption.

Detailed Information of Refols Ransomware

Refols Ransomware is a recently identified version of STOP Ransomware that uses .reflos file extension to mark the targeted or affected files. Likewise it's predecessor variant, it also capable to make unnecessary modification, lock up your system files (including photos, videos, audio clips, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, databases and much more), makes them inaccessible and prevents the targeted user to access their files normally. After targeting files and making them inaccessible, it also delivers a ransom note which ask victim to pay the ransom demanded fee.

Ransom Note of Refols Ransomware

Attack Campaigns of Refols Ransomware

Likewise predecessor version of STOP Ransomware, Refols Ransomware also enters inside the machine in secret way without user's approval. With the help of numerous illegal method and deceptive channels, it compromises user's machine including freeware or shareware programs, malvertising site, malspam campaigns, exploit kits, software bundles, fake software updater, pirated application, peer-to-peer file sharing network and much more. Apart from these, Refols Ransomware uses other deceptive channels to infect PC and after that do various notorious actions.

No Need To Pay Ransom Fee Asked By Refols Ransomware Developer

Refols Ransomware is known for delivering a scary ransom note which instructs victim to purchase the file decryptor tool by paying $980. It also offers 50% discount for the victim who purchase the decryption key within 72 hours means only $490. Despite of all claims and promises of ransom note, experts never advised victim to pay ransom fee or make contact with Refols Ransomware developer. Like other ransom note of ransomware, there is also no any guarantee that your files will be decrypted or you will get unique decryptor tool even paying ransom fee. Instead of doing this, experts are highly recommended users to follow Refols Ransomware removal solution to delete it.


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