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Guide To Delete Radman Ransomware & Decrypt Valuable Files

Descriptive Note On Radman Ransomware

Radman Ransomware is a new member of infamous STOP Ransomware which also known as Djvu Ransomware. This term has been also used by group of cyber criminals for locking user's files. Such a ransomware can be recognized on targeted machine by it's file extension. Yes, you heard right. The files locking with .radman is an indication that Radman Ransomware is presented on your machine.

After locking files and making them inaccessible, it creates a ransom note entitled as _readme.txt and deliver on the desktop screen. The ransom note of this ransomware includes ransom message which instruct victim to pay $490. It also mentioned in the ransom note that the ransom price will be rise to $980 if the targeted user delays to contact with Radman Ransomware creator.

Ransom Note of Radman Ransomware

Technical Details of Radman Ransomware
Threat's Name Radman Ransomware
Type of Threat Ransomware, File encrypting virus, Crypto-virus
Affected OS Windows OS
Risk Level High
Related [email protected] Ransomware, codnat1 Ransomware, GEFEST Ransomware etc.
File Extension .radman
Ransom Note _readme.txt
Ransom Amount $490/$980
Contact Address [email protected], [email protected], @datarestore
File Decryption Possible, to delete Radman Ransomware and decrypt your files make use of Windows Scanner Tool.

Tactics Through Which Radman Ransomware Assail On Your PC

Radman Ransomware is another invasive ransomware that follows thousand of deceptive method to compromise user's machine but most of the time, it attacks machine using spam email campaigns that consist suspicious or malicious attachment and deceptive message. These messages often urges user to open them. Opening of any spam message or attachment may easily victimized your machine with Radman Ransomware. Another sources of it's transmission are fake software updater, unofficial sources of software download, P2P networks, free file hosting website, freeware download site and many more.

Should You Believe On Ransom Note Offered By Radman Ransomware

Radman Ransomware offers a ransom note and instruct them to pay ransom fee. Since, it is tricky in nature so most of the users easily get tricked by it. After getting scary ransom note, users decided to pay ransom fee to get back all valuable files. But they have no idea that it is completely untrusted one. There is no any guarantee that you will get unique file decryption key to decrypt your valuable files even making ransom payment asked by Radman Ransomware. So, expert's are recommended victim to opt Radman Ransomware removal instruction instead of making ransom payment.


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