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Guide To Delete KICK Ransomware Easily & Completely

KICK Ransomware : Another Variant of Dharma Ransomware

These days, a new crypto malware named KICK Ransomware has been spotted by malware researchers which can be also identified as .KICK files virus. The name of this ransomware is derived from it's file extension because it uses .KICK extension to rename the targeted files. If you think that it is completely a new ransomware then you are wrong because it belongs to infamous Dharma Ransomware family. It's developer uses the source code of Dharma and make some modification to create this new ransomware. Likewise, predecessor Dharma Ransomware, it is designed by team of potential cyber criminals to plague wide range of Windows PC to lock user's fies and extort ransom money from them. The presence of this ransomware will definitely cause lots of serious problems, so must opt the below described KICK Ransomware removal instruction for it's successful deletion.

Ransom Note of KICK Ransomware

Summary of KICK Ransomware

  • Name – KICK Ransomware
  • Type – Crypto-virus, Ransomware
  • Variant of – Dharma Ransomware
  • Risk Level – High
  • Related – .qbext file extension, KARLS Ransomware, Cccmn Ransomware etc.
  • Affected PCs – Windows OS
  • File Extension – .KICK
  • Ransom Note – FILES ENCRYPTED.txt or info.hta
  • Contact Address – [email protected]
  • File Decryption – Possible, to decrypt your files and get rid of KICK Ransomware, make use of an effective scanner utility.

Distribution Preferences of KICK Ransomware

KICK Ransomware uses several distribution mechanism to compromise user's machine but mainly spreads via malspam campaigns. It's developer often always attempt to deliver it's payload on targeted machine. Such a spam campaign includes malicious code that presented on the user's Inbox in form of attached as well as executable file or the clickable web address. Besides, spear phishing email campaigns, it's developers can also compromise Windows machine via infected sites, compromised software installer, fake software updater, file sharing network, torrent sites and much more.

Harmful Effects Related To KICK Ransomware

  • Affects the major Computer component settings.
  • Make modification to default settings of browser and Internet.
  • Initiates file encryption using strong encipher algorithm.
  • Target almost all system files and makes them no longer openable.
  • Lock victim's file by adding .KICK extension.
  • Automatically creates various duplicate files, shortcuts or folders.
  • Makes gateway for intrusion of other malicious malware.
  • Prevents victim from opening of corrupt file or accessing PC normally.
  • Drops a ransom message and ask victim to contact with it's developer.
  • Disables security measures to avoid detection & removal of KICK Ransomware.


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