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EMAN Ransomware Removal Effective Tutorial Guide

This post is all about the latest variant of Matrix Ransomware named EMAN Ransomware that also known as Matrix-EMAN Ransomware. To get detailed information about it and it's deletion guide, read this post completely.

Ransom Note of EMAN Ransomware

Summary of EMAN Ransomware

  • Name of Threat – EMAN Ransomware
  • Alias – Matrix-EMAN Ransomware
  • Category – Ransomware
  • Discovered On – October 1st, 2018
  • Risk Level – Very High
  • Affected PCs – All version of Windows OS
  • File Extension – .EMAN
  • Ransom Note – #README_EMAN#.rt
  • File Decryption – Possible
  • Removal Recommendations – Download Windows Scanner Tool, to detect & delete EMAN Ransomware

Complete Information of EMAN Ransomware

EMAN Ransomware is another file encoder threat that is based on Matrix Ransomware. It is just a new member of ransom virus family because it is added by security analyst to ransomware database on October 01st, 2018. It is still new one but in just few days it has infected wide range of System. It is capable to infect almost all System executing on the Windows based Operating System.

After penetrating inside the PC, EMAN Ransomware behaves as a standard file encrypting virus that configures PC and lock almost all users generated data with unique key including audio or video clips, documents, PDFs, databases and many more. The infected files can be easily determine because it adds .EMAN file extension after renaming affected files. After that its developer proceeds its infection and ask user for Bitcoin. Hackers often deliver #README_EMAN#.rt that serves as a ransom note and ask victims to pay the ransom fee in bitcoin.

Know What Ransom Note of EMAN Ransomware Says

The ransom note includes an email address that forces users to contact with fraudsters to transfer ransom in Bitcoin form. Hackers makes believe user that they will deliver the unique decryption key after getting ransom fee but it is not 100% true infiltration because there is zero guarantee that you will get the file decryption key. By paying money, you just only encourages cyber criminals to promote their evil intention. Therefore, users must opt a EMAN Ransomware removal guidelines instantly.

Distribution Channels of EMAN Ransomware Attack

EMAN Ransomware is really a very dangerous system infection that follows several secret invasion tactics to compromise machine but mainly spread via :

  • Spam messages or junk mail attachment
  • Bundled of cost-free packages
  • Contaminated peripheral devices
  • Hacked domain or gambling site
  • Exploit kit, drive-by-downloads, P2P file sharing site and many more.


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