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Domn Ransomware

Domn Ransomware : Identified As A Variant of DJVU/STOP Virus

Domn Ransomware is a new name in the category of Ransomware family. Yes, you heard right. Recently, the creators of STOP Ransomware have introduced a new variant of it that gets inside the users machine secretly, runs specific command on System background and obtains the administrator rights to pass stages of attack. Similar to other predecessor variant of DJVU or STOP Ransomware, it's main objective is to render users stored files temporarily and ask them to pay ransom fee. As per the depth analysis on it's sample, expert's revealed that Domn Ransomware uses .domn file extension to rename files and drops _readme.txt file after encrypting files. Likewise other variant of notorious ransomware, Domn Ransomware is too much dangerous for PC, so it's deletion is highly required.

Delete Domn Ransomware

A Quick View On Domn Ransomware

  • Name – Domn Ransomware
  • Type – Ransomware, File Encrypting Virus
  • Category – DJVU / STOP Ransomware
  • Risk Impact – High
  • Targeted OS – Windows PC
  • Related – Lapoi Ransomware, Verasto Ransomware, eCh0raix Ransomware etc.
  • File Extension – .domn
  • Ransom Note – _readme.txt
  • Contact Address – [email protected], [email protected]
  • File Decryption – Possible, regarding the successful deletion of Domn Ransomware and file decryption, scan PC with Windows Scanner Tool.

Infection Vector Opted By Domn Ransomware

Domn Ransomware belongs to the notorious ransomware family which presence doesn't only make users unable to access their files but also lead them to several disastrous situation. It's developers has opted lots of clever tactics to compromise PC but mainly relies on the campaigns of spam email to reach on novice system users. Spam email includes fake invoices, suspicious attachment and many more. It is designed in such a way that it seems as real and forces users to open such an attachment. Clicking on any dubious attachment or link may victimize your PC with Domn Ransomware. Another infection vector includes torrent downloads, suspicious attachment, pirated software, fake installer, contaminated devices and many more.

Things That Domn Ransomware Can Do On Targeted PCs

As soon as Domn Ransomware enters inside the Windows PC, it conducts several notorious actions and causes serious troubles. Some of them are :

  • Establishes a connection to Command & Control server and gather their crucial data.
  • Makes targeted files inaccessible and prevents victim from accessing.
  • Ruins the System experience badly.
  • Renames the targeted objects, data as well as files by adding .domn file extension.
  • Degrades overall Computer performance speed by consuming too much resources.
  • Delivers ransom note and ask for ransom fee.

Apart from these, it is responsible for causing lots of serious problems. This is why, the permanent removal of Domn Ransomware is essential.


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