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Annihilation Process For Defray ransomware

Basic Principle Of  Defray ransomware

Defray ransomware is a very destructive malware threat which was classified as a ransomware and was firstly identified in 2017, then again returned back in November, 2018 with entirely new features. It is a file encrypting ransomware Trojan that targets the machine for encrypting all the confidential file stored on the compromised system. It can affects many the versions of  Operating System such as 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, Vista etc and any popular Browsers Search Engine such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  MS Edge etc. By using highly military grade cipher algorithms for encrypting the sensitive files from the compromised system like AES-256 and RSA-2048 all the data gets encoded and make them unaccessible for the user. It mainly targets the health care industries, businesses and companies. It may also changes the encrypted file by adding wired file extensions like .*** 777 or random characters containing victim's identification. It is written in C++ language and specially designed to extort money from the user by cheating them very badly.  

Main Features Of Defray ransomware

Defray ransomware is also called as the Glushkov Ransomware which is a very dangerous crypto-virus that silently get inside the targeted PC using various malicious means such as fake software updaters, free file hosting websites, online gaming sites, untrustworthy downloading sources, pornographic sites, junked email, software bundling method, contaminated external drives, cracked or pirated softwares, audio- video ads, freewares, peer to peer file sharing network, downloading torrents, suspicious pop-up ads etc. As it alters the file extension it also drops a ransom warning notification on the system screen of the victimized user for demanding $ 5000 in exchange of decryption key. If they wont pay this ransom amount all the data will get deleted permanently. It would never get back to the user.

Barriers Of  Defray ransomware

Defray ransomware can steal your personal confidential data from the deceived system and utilizes those informations for its evil purpose. It make itself protected into the compromised system by deactivating all the security measures like anti-virus program and firewall protection application of the system. Threatens the users for deleting all the files and folders if not paid the ransom amount within the given time limit.

How To Eradicate Defray ransomware

By utilizing a reputed anti-malware solutions it really became very easy to eradicate Defray ransomware from the affected machine using either automatic or manual removal techniques.


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