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Perfect Solution To Delete About:blank pop-ups

Have you ever seen About:blank pop-ups on your browsers? Is it disrupt your surfing experience? Want to know all information of these pop-ups including it's deletion solution? If so, read this About:blank pop-ups removal guide completely till the end.

Delete About:blank pop-ups

Summary of About:blank pop-ups
Name About:blank pop-ups
Type Annoying pop-ups, adverts
Category Adware
Risk Impact Low
Related Forryortitwas.info Pop-up, 123Vidz Ads, PackTrackPlus etc.
Affected PCs Windows OS
Targeted Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc.
  • Affects almost all installed browsers
  • Open a blank page whenever you will attempt to open your browser
  • Causes too much annoyances while surfing web
  • Implements user PC with browser helper objects as well as tracking cookies
  • Gathers user's all sensitive data and forwarded them to scammers for illegal purposes etc.

All About About:blank pop-ups

About:blank pop-ups are another annoying pop-ups displayed by About:blank webpages on entire web browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and many more. Because all modern web browsers supports Internet Engineering Task Force or the Uniform Resource Identifier scheme known as about. The "About" identifier is used into the address bar of browser to access the the internal detail of web browser including resource usage, settings, Easter eggs, jokes and many more. When any browser navigate to about address, it simply displays the blank webpage and used by scripting language or extensions to add the further output. Technically, About:blank pop-ups is not a malicious one but it is completely annoying adverts used by an adware developers to annoy user and cause other issues. So, deletion of About:blank pop-ups is highly recommended.

Reasons Behind The Appearances of About:blank pop-ups

  • Sites that mainly use About:blank pop-ups for the advertising – About:blank pop-ups are most commonly labeled as adult video sites. Clicking on Play button to play video will open such a pop-up and after few seconds, it will use the Javascript webpage to lead victim to it's partner sites.
  • Corrupt web browser settings – The corrupt or misconfigured browser settings will lead you to About:blank pop-ups.
  • PC is contaminated with an adware – By using About:blank pop-ups, adware developers install the malicious toolbar, executable files, browser helper objects and many more on users machine.
  • Use of About:blank as startup webpage – By configuring user's browser automatically, it displays About:blank pop-ups and open About:blank as homepage. To stop such an annoying pop-ups, you must go into existing browser's settings and delete About:blank pop-ups.


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