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Uninstall TINYTYPHON Malware From Infected PC

TINYTYPHON malware is another risky PC virus which has been categorized from the Trojan family. It is very dangerous threat which is developed by the Patchwork hacking group. According to the system analyst, the Patchwork Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is such a hacking group which mainly holds pro-Indian beliefs and especially targets the organizations or individuals to infect and does harm on to their compromised machine. However, the first interest by the TINYTYPHON malware to infect the machine would be of the Indian government. On the other end, this hacking group the Patchwork Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) came into existence in the year 2015 and has been upgrading its tool of arsenal gradually. The TINYTYPHON malware also acts as a backdoor Trojan to penetrate within the targeted system and is also being used by the Patchwork APT on regular basic. As TINYTYPHON malware enters within the computer, it starts to perform its malicious operations and thus result to stop the victim to work anymore on the system. TINYTYPHON malware is very powerful threat which results in deactivating the installed anti-virus program from the infected system. Though the system start to operate in abnormal way and several changes also took place within the system settings.

The TINYTYPHON malware which is also a backdoor Trojan is very small in size and thus explains all its fairly limited features. The main intension of the TINYTYPHON malware is to gather all the data and information from the infected OS and thereby plant additional malicious payloads on it. Further, it is also responsible for the corruption and destroys of the files and data which are stored within the machine. The TINYTYPHON malware likely to first attack and look for the victim confidential documents, archives, databases which contain sensitive data and spreadsheets etc. Once the TINYTYPHON malware detects a file it first matches with its criteria and then the file will be copied and exfiltrated to the command and control server of the attackers. Hence, to avoid such damages in your operating system, it’s highly recommended you to first uninstall TINYTYPHON malware from the infected PC.


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