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How To Remove Bigclicker.me Redirect Pop-ups [Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge]

Threat Summary

Name Bigclicker.me
Type Browser Hijacker, push notifications ads, popup advertisements, pop ups, pop up virus
Distribution Misleading pop-up advertisements, PUPs, adware softwares, adult websites, spam emails, email attachments etc
Symptoms Adds unwanted extensions to your web browser which changes the default homepage, search engine and new tab
Web browser Affected Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc
Detection Click to detect Bigclicker.me scanner

What Is Bigclicker.me

Bigclicker.me is a rogue website that pushes unwanted advertisements directly upon the user's web browser. Users usually get redirected to Bigclicker.me website unintentionally and it asks you to confirm for showing their push notifications on your web browser. When Bigclicker.me got the permission to access into your PC, it started sending so many advertisements upon the web browser. Although, user notices frequent intrusive ads in the form of push notifications on their desktop screen, when the web browser is closed. The Bigclicker.me appears as:


Bigclicker.me page frequently appears when you clicks on any fake link inorder to watch videos on infected page. It also occur when your PC is totally infected with any adware. You must check for the web extensions and software applications that you have recently installed from third party links. You must not click on the “Allow” button, as it tricks to fool you inorder to send so many advertisements to sponsor third-party websites and their services directly on your web browser. Users are further redirected to so many questionable websites that encourages the download of undesirable programs and other Adware when user clicks on it at once. It comes into PC through opening spam emails and email attachments, visiting adult websites etc.

Issues Created By Bigclicker.me Into PC

Bigclicker.me creates issues like redirection to suspicious websites frequently. It adds unwanted extensions to your web browser which changes the default homepage, search engine and new tab. It stimulates you to download adware, rogue security programs to intrude malware into PC. It makes your web browser pages to become unstable and lead to crash. Such kind of activities lead to various problems apart from interfering with the web browsing.

How To Stay Away From Bigclicker.me

Always choose Custom or Advanced installation method inorder to prevent Bigclicker.me from coming into PC. Always remember to never visit to any adult websites on web browser. Always use a renowned anti-virus software application inorder to stay protect with Bigclicker.me in future.


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