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Step By Step FrameworkPOS Removal Instruction

Virus Name: FrameworkPOS
Virus Type: Trojan, Malware

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FrameworkPOS : Another Point of Sale Malware

In the world of IoT, there are numerous Point of Sale malware and FrameworkPOS is one of them. It has been created and operated by the group of cybercrime known as FIN6. Some of the malware researchers are also named this malware as Trinity which refer to credit card skimming malware. On the Dark web, the actors of FIN6 have been active since early 2016 and they sell about 20 million credit card records. It has been specifically designed and used to gather payments from several Point of Sale device on same network. This malware do lots of notorious action to make persistence on targeted machine. But mainly, it made it's persistent by writing the run keys in Registry entry and making the scheduled task on Windows OS. The con artist of this malware often uses Plink command line utility to establish the SSH tunnels between C&C server and contaminated machine.

FrameworkPOS Is Created By Hackers For Monetization Purposes

Yes, you heard right. The primary goal of FrameworkPOS developer is only to earn money. It is specifically programmed to intercept user's data in payment processor and then record it to file log which is mainly placed under the random directory in the C:\Windows\. Upon the in-depth analysis, malware researchers revealed that log file is often concealed as the CHM and DLL data container. It moves encrypted credit card detail across the infected devices on same network where it is packed in ZIP archive and uploaded to C&C server. By gathering user's personal data, forwarded them to cyber criminals and doing lots of notorious action, FrameworkPOS earns online money. Apart from the earning money and endangering users privacy, it causes thousand of issues. This is why, deletion of FrameworkPOS from contaminated machine is highly recommended by experts.

Transmission Preferences of FrameworkPOS

FrameworkPOS uses lots of tricky and deceptive methods to infect user's machine but mainly it co-ordinated with phishing email messages. Spam messages contains suspicious attachment and dubious link. It is designed in such a way that it seems as trusted one and urges victim to interact with given content. Whenever, users will open or click on any tricky message means spam message then their System may get victimized by FrameworkPOS. Another most common propagation channels of this malware are torrent attacker, exploit kits, system vulnerabilities, file sharing network, software bundles, fake installer etc.


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