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Best Solution To Delete Puma Ransomware & Decrypt .Puma Files

Brief Overview on Puma Ransomware

These days, a new ransomware has been identified by malware researchers named Puma Ransomware. After the in-depth analysis on its sample, researchers revealed that it is an updated variant of the infamous STOP Ransomware that designed to lock user data as well as file and make ransom demands. If somehow your PC gets infected with Puma Ransomware then it will block Windows Task Manager and prevents you from closing its malicious process. During file encryption, it renames the targeted file by adding unique .puma file extension and after that it generates a ransom note in text file format named !readme.txt.

Quick Glance on Puma Ransomware

Threat Name Puma Ransomware
Threat Type File Encrypting malware, Crypto-virus
Category Ransomware
Danger Level High
Variant of STOP Ransomware
File Extension .Puma
Executable File updatewin.exe
Ransom Note !readme.txt
Alloted Time Period 72 hours
Email Address [email protected] or [email protected]
File Decryption Possible
Removal Solution Install Windows Scanner Tool, to get rid of Puma Ransomware from infected Windows PC.

Infection Method of Puma Ransomware

Still it is unclear that how exactly Puma Ransomware enters inside the PC but since it is a variant of STOP Ransomware so most of the experts assumed that it also spread via one of the most popular distribution channel known as spam campaigns. Hackers often uses spam email campaigns as a tool to distribute Puma Ransomware infection vis like or email attachment. Cyber criminals sends emails that includes malicious attachment, Microsoft office document, PDF files, archive files, executable files and so on by hoping that user will open them. Once user opened spam attachment or link then their PC easily gets victimized by Puma Ransomware.

Malevolent Actions of Puma Ransomware

After penetrating inside the machine, it immediately blocks security measures and initiate file encryption procedure. It locks users all file types then drops a ransom note entitled as !readme.txt that includes a message that all files are locked and users must pay ransom fee. Even hackers offer discount of 50% if System users contact with hacker within 72 hours. In ransom note, it clearly mentioned that hackers must contact with them via [email protected] or [email protected] email address. But since hackers are untrusted so users must follow Puma Ransomware removal guide instead of purchasing unique file decryption key.


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