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Guide To Uninstall Kupidon Ransomware From Infected Computer

Kupidon Ransomware is a newly created file encrypting ransomware which is used to infect and cause harm on to the victim’s computer by encrypting their data and files. The Kupidon Ransomware is discovered by the MalwareHunter Team. However, this ransomware is basically a piece of program which is classified from the family of ransomware. The main aim of the Kupidon Ransomware is to encrypt all the data and files which are there in the system in manner to demand a ransom to get the decryption tools or software. At the time of encrypting the files all the files are thus appended with the “.kupidon” extension. The encrypted data and files are no longer to gain access on to it anymore, though the accessibility of the encrypted data is only possible after its decryption. Moreover, the existence of Kupidon Ransomware into the machine results to put the entire machine to a high risk and even block the installed system security program therein. As the process of data encryption gets completed, a ransom note named with “!Kupidon _decrypt.txt” is unleash to any or all of the affected data and files. The price of the decryption tools as stated by the developer of the Kupidon Ransomware is about 300 USD which is to be paid in terms of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

So, if you really want to gain access on to the encrypted data and files then you have to purchase the decryption tools by the payment of the mentioned ransom amount or fine. Once the asked amount is paid by the victims, the creator of the Kupidon Ransomware provides you with the decryption tools. But the facts is that after getting the decryption tools you may fail in gaining access on to the encrypted files and data. As the encryption of the files are only done to extort a handsome amount of money from the innocent computer users. Along with all these the essential settings of your operating system also gets modified by the Kupidon Ransomware. Thus, for the system safety and to avoid such problems in nearby future you should uninstall Kupidon Ransomware from the infected machine.


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