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Homework Ransomware : Assistance For Deleting


Information On Homework Ransomware

Homework Ransomware is a new variant of WannCry Ransomware which is recognized as a file encrypting threat that can easily infects various Windows based Operating System like XP, 10, Win 32/64, 8/8.1, Vista, 7 etc and different prominent Web Browser Search Engines such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome etc. This can easily encrypts all the confidential files of the victim that are stored on the deceived computer system by means of either symmetric or asymmetric crypto-graphy. Then it can appends the file extension name of each encrypted files by adding [email protected]_com as a suffix of file names. The main aim behind the creation of such malware threat by the remote hackers is to extort huge amount of ransom money from the victimized users of the affected system.

Features Of Homework Ransomware

Homework Ransomware is a crypto-threat which can quietly get intruded into the compromised machines by using some dispersal techniques like email spam campaigns, corrupted external drives, fake invoices, downloading torrents websites, pirated media, click commercial ads embedded malicious codes, software bundling method, online gaming server, pornographic sites,  free file hosting websites, hacked executable files,  download free things from untrusted websites, fake software updater, peer to peer networking, reading junked e-mail attachments and many others. After encryption process it can drops a ransom demanding note on the affected system which is written in metaphorical language. It demands for tremendous amount of ransom money which has to be paid by using any crypto-currency like Bitcoin within certain time limit. It also provides an email address of the attackers [email protected] for getting all details about payments.

Side Effects Caused By Homework Ransomware

Homework Ransomware is a harmful crypto-virus that can encrypts all the confidential files of the victim from the infected computer system in order to get ransom money. It threaten the user to buy its decryption key to get re-accessing of all encrypted files. If they don't pay the ransom amount then the entire files would get deleted from the corrupted system permanently.

How To Eliminate Homework Ransomware

Its really important to eliminate Homework Ransomware from the contaminated computer system by using a very simple anti-malware tools either manual or automatic methods.


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