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How To Delete FUNNY Ransomware Easily Forever (100% Effective Guide)

Virus Name: FUNNY Ransomware
Virus Type: Ransomware

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Is your PC infected with FUNNY Ransomware? Are you unable to access your valuable files because files locked with .funny file extension? Looking for best solution to decrypt your files easily to access them? If so, your search ends here. This post includes detailed information of FUNNY Ransomware and it's decryption guide.

Ransom Note of FUNNY Ransomware

Important Facts That You Must Aware With FUNNY Ransomware

FUNNY Ransomware is another term listed under ransomware category. Judged on it's name, most of the user think that it is funny at all but they have no idea how it is dangerous for their machine. It is another member of Dharma family. The name of ransomware depends on it's file extension because it renames the affected files name by adding .FUNNY file extension. Likewise it's predecessor variant, it encrypts all file types including :

  • Audio or video clips
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Documents and many more.

Once targeting files, it displays ransom note in 2 format including Info.hta and FILES ENCRYPTED.txt in the encrypted folder and desktop screen.

Things That You Must Do If Your PC Is Compromised With FUNNY Ransomware

If somehow your PC gets infected with FUNNY Ransomware then you will also see pop-up window with ransom message. The message often inform System user that their all System files have been locked due to some security issue and instructs victim to pay the ransom fee. The cost of ransom fee depends on how fast user will be contact via provided email address. Before contacting with hackers, you must note that hackers cannot be trusted. Typically, they ignored victims once ransom fee is submitted. In short paying money will lose your valuable data and your money forever. Therefore, you must opt FUNNY Ransomware removal instruction as soon as possible instead of paying ransom fee to hackers.

Get Familiar With Intrusion Method of FUNNY Ransomware

FUNNY Ransomware is a newest member of Dharma family, so exact method of its propagation is currently unknown. But after the depth analysis, researchers revealed that it mainly spreads via spam email campaigns that promotes the FUNNY Ransomware or other file-encrypting malware usually contain the malicious attachments. Once users opened suspicious attachment then FUNNY Ransomware infects PC. The another dispersal channels of this malware is fake software updater, spam email campaigns, untrustworthy site, unofficial software download sources and many more.


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