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Delete Defend Search Redirect In Just Few Clicks

Virus Name: Defend Search
Virus Type: Browser Hijacker

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Defend Search is a new term that has been added by security expert under browser hijacker category but in just a short period of time, it targets numerous PC worldwide. If somehow your browser has been compromised by Defend Search and you really want to delete it then keep reading this post and follow the Defend Search removal solution as in exact order.

Delete Defend Search

Detailed Information of Defend Search

Defend Search is a search domain that seems as a trusted one at the first glimpse because it claims System user to defend their search. After believing on it's fake claims or promises, most of the users easily tricked by it and they decided to use it to search their queries. If you are also tricked by it and think that it is a real one then it is a worst decision of your whole life because in reality Defend Search is not trusted at all. Upon the in-depth analysis, experts revealed that Defend Search has a very close relation with a browser hijacker. So, you should not trust on it or tricked by it's legitimate look as well as fake claims.

Reasons For Listing Defend Search Under Browser Hijacker Category

The team of security experts are listed Defend Search under BH category based on it's notorious actions. It automatically replaces users homepage or default search engine to "http://defendsearch.com/?q=" and attacks users all well known browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Yahoo, Safari and many more. It also alters your Windows registry items, start-up section and many more settings without your awareness.

This browser hijacker is capable to loads your browsers with several browser add-ons, toolbars, plug-ins or suspicious codes and lead you to third-party site. Specifically, Defend Search is used by cyber criminals to deliver endless adverts and earn online money from them. To avoid personal data from damage and having a better online experience, users must delete Defend Search instantly from their PC after getting it's any harmful signs.

Infiltration Methods of Defend Search

Defend Search often spreads as a form of toolbar that bundled along with shareware or freeware packages. When System users download any shareware packages then it automatically gets inside the PC without users awareness. To avoid PC having Defend Search or other browser hijacker, it is highly advised to be cautious while downloading any package and they must opt Advanced/Custom option instead of Default/Typical one.


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