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Uninstall PDF Maker From Windows PC Easily (100% Effective Guide)

Virus Name: PDF Maker
Virus Type: Potentially Unwanted Program

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Introductory Details of PDF Maker

PDF Maker, as name suggests it is a PDF maker tool through which you can easily make or create your PDF. This utility is marketed by its developer on it's official site named pdf-maker.com as a helpful one that claims to allow users to convert their files into PDF directly from the search bar. It is available for downloading on Chrome's web store Chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pdf-maker/lpmedofaljioejmmdbbdbkadeenbgjcf and it's official domain. See how PDF Maker looks like :

Delete PDF Maker

Is PDF Maker a Useful One For PC?

PDF Maker seems as a useful software for the System user but in reality, it is not useful at all. It is promoted on user System as a helpful browser extension but actually it is a type of Potentially Unwanted Program and it is known to configure user default search provider, browser start-up page and many more. While using this utility, you will notice that the click the search suggestion trigger browser redirect to it's official site and then search.yahoo.com. This browser extension of this application adds an icon to navigation panel of Chrome but the functionality of such a software is just only to display you pop-up with instruction on how to access its site and how to start the document conversion procedure.

Transmission Preferences of PDF Maker

PDF Maker is actually a type of Potentially Unwanted Program which means it also enters inside the PC silently without user awareness. It uses various tricky ways but mainly distributed along with the freeware and shareware packages. The developer of such a program often drops its payload within bundled of cost-free or shareware packages. Downloading of any cost-free packages carelessly or by option default option may lead your PC to PDF Maker. This is why, System users are highly advised to opt Advanced or Custom option and be cautious while performing installation wizard.

Negative Traits of PDF Maker

After getting inside the PC silently or secretly, PDF Maker do series of notorious actions which as a results users have to face with several negative traits includes :

  • Makes affected machine too much slower than before.
  • Slows down overall System performance speed.
  • Always leads user to third-party site and hamper surfing experience.
  • Disables the function of task manager and security measures.
  • Automatically configure user browser as well as System settings etc.


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