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Removal Instructions Of TV Now From Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Edge

Threat Summary

Name TV Now
Type BH, redirect, unwanted new tab, search hijacker
Promoted URL earch.htelevisionnow.com
Browser settings affected homepage, new tab URL, default search engine
Symptoms manipulate internet browser settings such as default internet search engine, homepage, new tab settings.
Distribution methods free software installers (bundling), fake flash player installers, deceptive pop-up ads, third-party softwares etc

What Is TV Now?

TV Now is a browser hijacker that hijacks all prominent web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge etc. It promotes a fake search engine (search.htelevisionnow.com) by making several changes to web browser settings. However, it is publicly advertised as an application which allows users to access various TV streaming webpages in web browsers. Whenever you open any web browser, new tab or enter a search query into the URL bar, TV Now forces you to visit search.htelevisionnow.com. To stop TV Now from doing many changes in web browser, users must uninstall the application first. It often collect data such as IP addresses, visited URLs pages, downloads, bookmarks, histories, locations, search queries which is entered into search engines.

How Did TV Now Install On PC?

Users often install and download applications such as TV Now accidentally. This usually happens during installation and downloading of other software on PC when potentially unwanted applications are bundled into the setups. Information about additional applications i.e potentially unwanted applications is generally not presented properly and it is hidden in Custom or Advanced and other similar settings of the software setup.

How To Avoid Installation Of TV Now?

Never try to download files/programs from unofficial webpages, torrents clients, eMule, Peer-to-Peer file sharing networks, third-party downloaders and many more. Always use official webpages and direct download link webpages. Always use Custom or Advanced settings for every downloading and installing any software setups. Always try to dismiss all offers which appears to download or install any bundled applications. Always try to not clicking on displayed untrustworthy websites related to gambling, adult dating, pornography and others. If your default web browser causes unwanted redirects or displays advertisements, then you should check the list of all installed extensions, plug-ins and add-ones and remove all unwanted entries from your web browser.


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