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Easy Removal Steps For SearchBox From Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox, Edge

Is your PC is highly infected with SearchBox? Is this disturbing you a lot? Do you totally tired to delete it from your PC? If your answer is yes then we will help you in deleting this SearchBox from your PC permanently. To delete this SearchBox permanently from PC, follow our main guidelines which is written below:

Threat Name SearchBox
Category Browser Hijacker
Major Activities Heavily make changes in web browser settings to cause so many advertisements, collects all data etc.
Traits of Presence Slows PC, shows so many advertisements etc.
Spreads Software bundling, adult sites, torrent site, freeware and shareware downloads etc.

If your web browser is constantly redirected to different suspicious websites then it shows the trait of the presence of SearchBox in your PC. SearchBox is a browser hijacker that changes the default homepage and search engine of your web browser to feed.searchboxlive.com. It is mainly caused by the “SearchBox DS” extension which is actually installed by the users previously. Moreover, this type of program is generally offered via software bundling and advertisements. It is a type of malware which is typically created for the main objective of modifying internet browser settings without consent or knowledge of the users.

Similarly, when the SearchBox is installed on your PC then it shows its presence with some symptoms which includes

SearchBox changes default web browser's homepage to SearchBox new tab on web browser.
It changes built-in and web browser's search provider to feed.searchboxlive.com on web browser.
It modifies “new tab” functionality to launch their modified search portal page on web browser.
It loads into the web browser through add-on and the SearchBox DS.

Some tips to remain safe from SearchBox on PC

Pay your attention when installing or downloading any latest software on PC.
Always scan your PC completely by using a extremely powerful anti-malware and anti-virus software program.
Always use Custom Installation method for every installation of a new software to prevent the attack of SearchBox on PC.
Always stay away from visiting adult websites on PC.
Don't open any spam email and spam email attachments if it looks suspicious to you.

To prevent SearchBox from coming into PC, follow this useful guidelines inorder to remove this SearchBox permanently from PC.


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