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Delete Search.hquickspeedcheck.com From Chrome|Firefox|IE

What is known about Search.hquickspeedcheck.com?

Search.hquickspeedcheck.com is a misleading search provider presented as a legitimate tool helping system users check their Internet speed. Although, instead of PC optimization, the threat alters the start page, default search engine and other similar settings right after 'Quick Speed Check' extension enters your computer. Typically, it travels together with a browser extension identified as 'Quick Speed Check' that can be downloaded from the Internet. Besides, Search.hquickspeedcheck.com seems quite useful because it shows computer's IP address, Speed Test feature along with some quick access buttons. However, you should understand that even though this domain seems handy, it can block your desired or favorite search tool and then start tracking your online searches.


Most importantly, there is no surprise that Search.hquickspeedcheck.com is so untrustworthy and the creators of this hijacker is known as Polarity Technologies. The developer company has already become so famous for a wide list of hijacker threat that it spreads over the Internet. What's more, the threat can cause different issues after invading the machine. After becoming your default start page or the search engine, it starts tracking whenever you browse the web. Typically, it captures information related to your search queries and then delivers advertisements having a great potential in order to grab your attention. Such deceptive money-generating technique used by Search.hquickspeedcheck.com hijacker developers is known as pay-per-click scheme.

Why should you remove Search.hquickspeedcheck.com?

If you still believe that this unreliable search tool is worth your trust, then you should know that the threat can gather privately help data as well. It is mainly interested in system's IP address, browsing history, geo-location, clicked advertisements, etc. Note that these collected data might be personally identifiable which may lead to severe privacy-related issues. Also, Search.hquickspeedcheck.com virus does not take any kind of responsibility for the trustworthiness of its displayed ads. If you want to prevent dangerous virus attack on your PC, you should not waste your time and remove this hijacker along with each of its components. For that, you should pick a reputable security program that will get rid of Search.hquickspeedcheck.com and all its associated suspicious extensions from your system.


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