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Removal Guide For MyShortcutTab From Infected PC

MyShortcutTab is another one of the recent created PC threat which also belongs to the browser hijacker family. It is created and designed in such a way to infect and cause serious damages on to the installed web browsers within the user operating system. All the popular and commonly used web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Safari are under the control of MyShortcutTab and thus prevent the user to do any activity on to it any more. Once the installed web browser get in touch with MyShortcutTab after then it result to change the default settings of the browser homepage, search index page and new web tab page and so on. It further aims to deactivate the browser firewall security program from all of the infected web browsers. The user may feel annoyed and distributed by the endless displays of the ads, advertisements, offers, deals, banners, coupons etc on the infected web browsers. Moreover, this browser threat is so viscous that it can even cause the browser redirection problem for your entire essential web search and search queries. It even keep an eye to record and trace all the web browsing related data along with the user login details, password, bank account, credit card details, IP address, URL visited, download history, search index and so on.

Further, MyShortcutTab also uses the social engineering tricks methods as other browser threats uses in manner to generate and earn online revenue through it. Some of the system security analyst has also noted MyShortcutTab to be a fake address of search engine. Though, without having the knowledge of the user MyShortcutTab is further responsible for the installation of unwanted and useless plug-in, toolbar, add-on, and extension and so on within the infected web browsers. Its effects result to put the entire operating machine as well as the installed web browsers at a high risk and you may feel uneasy to further work or do any operation on it. So for the safety of the browser and PC you should at the earlier remove MyShortcutTab from the infected operating machine.


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