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Uninstall COPPERHEDGE From Your Computer

The COPPERHEDGE is another newly launched PC infection which has being detected from the family of Trojan. The COPPERHEDGE virus is basically a remote access Trojan (RAT) which is also known or refers as the Manuscrypt. The piece of this PC threat was first emerged to be two years ago back in 2018. This threat was very first deployed for attacking the targeting computer systems which was located in South Korea. After analyzing the capability and activity of the COPPERHEDGE Trojan virus the system researchers mainly conclude that this virus is likely seems to be a part of the arsenal which is basically of the nefarious North Korean hacking group which is called as Hidden Cobra. However, such groups of cyber offenders are also known by the name as Lazarus Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). Such types of malware are created with the intension to infect and cause serious damages on to the victim’s PC. The system is infected with COPPERHEDGE results to cause for the disabling of the installed security program from the infected system. Further it also prevents you from performing any work on to it. The COPPERHEDGE is an updated version of the Hidden Cobra APT which was discovered several years ago.

Till now the COPPERHEDGE threat has six of variants as noted and analyzed by the PC researchers. Apart all these most copies of the COPPERHEDGE Trojan threat are almost seems to be identical and there are such variant of it which include several additional features in it. However, the COPPERHEDGE is likely to be different variants of malware which were especially used against to targets and infects different types of Lazarus hacking group. On the other side, the COPPERHEDGE RAT Trojan threat allows its owners to carry out a wide range of tasks on to the compromised computer such as the manipulating the settings of the payload, execution of the remote commands, listing of the drive partitions, collecting information of the host’s software and hardware, creation of new process and such more. Hence, it is better to protect the system from the effects of COPPERHEDGE so therefore instantly uninstall COPPERHEDGE from the operating system.


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