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YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware Removal Step By Step Solution

Descriptive Note On YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware

YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware is regarded as one of the most dangerous ransomware belongs to the Nemesis Ransomware family. The developers of this ransomware derived it's name by it's file extension. Yes, it is right. Actually, it renames the user's files name by adding .YOUR_LAST_CHANCE file extension after locking them. It enters inside the user's machine silently and after that immediately execute the in-built pattern of most dangerous modules. It initiates the highly advanced module of data harvesting to gather or steal user's sensitive data so that it can later use them for illegal purposes. Like predecessor variant of Nemesis Ransomware, the persistent of YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware will cause lots of problem to you.

Ransom Note of YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware

Summary of YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware
Name YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware
Type File encrypting virus, Crypto virus, Ransomware
Risk Level High
Variant of Nemesis Ransomware
Affected PCs Windows OS
File Extension .YOUR_LAST_CHANCE
Ransom Note _RESTORE FILES_.txt
  • Makes targeted files no longer openable
  • Degrades overall working speed of PC
  • Delivers ransom demanding message
  • Locks user files by adding weird extension
  • Disables the security measures and many more.

Ways Through Which YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware Compromises Windows OS

Being a member of Nemesis Ransomware family, YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware uses several mechanisms to compromise users machine but generally it uses email phishing tactics. It's creator often send the spear phishing email messages to user's inbox as legitimate message by claiming that it has been sent by the well known services or companies. Once, user opened any spam message then their PC may easily get victimized by YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware. Another common infectious channels are macro-infected documents, drive-by-downloads, bundling method, pirated software, hacked websites etc.

Activities Performed By YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware On Targeted PCs

YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware is a worst crypto virus specifically programmed to lock user's data. After locking user's files by adding .YOUR_LAST_CHANCE extension, it drops a text file named _RESTORE FILES_.txt that serves as a ransom note. As a rule, text file delivers the ransom demanding message which basically state that your all files are locked and to get them back victims must buy the unique file decryption key. Till now, the cost of ransom fee is unknown but experts suspected that it may varies between $500-$1500 in BTCs.

No matter how much your files crucial for you or the cost of ransom fee, you should never paid to attacker because ransomware developers often ignore victims after getting ransom payment. So, expert's recommended users to ignore encouragements to contact with ransomware developers. You can use backup copy to get back your files but to keep them safe for longer time, you must opt YOUR_LAST_CHANCE ransomware removal instruction.


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