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Uninstall SlimCleaner Plus Easily From PC

Know SlimCleaner Plus In Detail

SlimCleaner Plus is an invasive program that will supposedly clean ups harmful malware and improves the performance of your system device. It is categorized as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) application because of suspicious delivery techniques and fake scan results. This is a system optimization software which is designed to supposedly help regular computer users to clean their computer systems. It claims to improve the speed and performance of the computer device, manage startup programs and optimize the machine and also clean the useless items. The SlimCleaner Plus software's have only one main purpose is to trick its users to purchase the licensed version and instead of optimizing the computer system, the program conducts many fake detection of malwares and other unwanted softwares inorder to convince its users to purchase its licensed version which is rather much expensive.

Invasive Procedure Of SlimCleaner Plus

SlimCleaner Plus is commonly get invasive by means of official websites, other freeware and shareware distributors, PUPs, software installation setups and from many more ways.

Is SlimCleaner Plus A Virus ?

No, SlimCleaner Plus is technically not a virus. It is a kind of PUP. It doesn't contain lots of malicious traits such as rootkit capabilities and browser hijacking features.

Is SlimCleaner Plus Safe ?

Yes, SlimCleaner Plus is totally safe to use. It is considered as legitimate and trustworthy application. It helps you to keep your PC running smoothly and fast. In this, the application is simple and easy and advanced tools are designed to keep your PC running at full speed. The user interface features are an intuitive gauge that shows how fast your PC is working and tells you when optimization is needed. Users can clean out junk, optimize settings, check security, get valuable updates and enhance browsing experience in a single click. This is a very useful and crucial application.


  • It is simple to understand interface.
  • It comes with performance gauge and recommendations
  • It consists of wide range of useful tools
  • It comes with real performance boosting


  • It is a confusing procedure for customizing cleaning tools
  • It leads to corrupt registry entries
  • It's boosting effects are only temporary
  • It disables some applications

Preventive Measures From SlimCleaner Plus

Use Custom Installation always and also un-check hidden options.

SlimCleaner Plus is easily removed from PC by manually.


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