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SEED LOCKER ransomware Removal Step-By-Step Solution

Descriptive Note on SEED LOCKER ransomware

SEED LOCKER ransomware, a new ransomware that spreads across the cyber world. Upon the analysis on its sample, security experts revealed that it belongs to the family of infamous Everbe Ransomware. Likewise other predecessor variant of Everbe ransomware, it locks user data, makes them unusable and then ask for ransom money. After the file encryption, the targeted files or objects can be marked with .seed file extension. Whenever user will be try to access their files they will get a ransom note named !#_How_to_decrypt_files_#!.txt SEED LOCKER. Before you get detailed information of SEED LOCKER ransomware, take a look at it's ransom note :

Ransom Note of SEED LOCKER ransomware

Threat Profile of SEED LOCKER ransomware
Threat Name SEED LOCKER ransomware
Threat Type Cryptovirus, file encrypting virus
Category Ransomware
Variant of Everbe Ransomware like Everbe 1.0 Ransomware
File Extension .seed
Ransom Note !#_How_to_decrypt_files_#!.txt SEED LOCKER
Email Address [email protected] and [email protected]
File Decryption Possible
Removal Recommendation To decrypt your all valuable files and delete SEED LOCKER ransomware, you must download and install Windows Scanner Tool.

Detailed Info of Ransom Note Asked By SEED LOCKER ransomware

SEED LOCKER ransomware developers drop a ransom note and state that your all files are locked. The only way to decrypt file is to get a unique file decryption program. To get decryption tool, victims or hackers must contact with SEED LOCKER ransomware developers via [email protected] or [email protected] email address. However, the file decryption tool is not free. In exchange for the file decryption tool, users must pay large sum of cryptocurrency. Just for the users satisfaction, it offers victim for file decryption of upto 3 files. But it doesn't mean that it is trusted or safe. On contrary, hackers often ignore victims once ransom fee is submitted. So, users must opt SEED LOCKER ransomware removal guide instead of contacting with its developer.

Dissemination Strategy of SEED LOCKER ransomware

Similar to predecessor variant of Everbe Ransomware, SEED LOCKER ransomware also distributed via maliciously infected system files means via email. When system users received an email from unsuspected person and open them then their system may gets victimized by SEED LOCKER ransomware. Actually, spam emails get used to disguise malicious files of email. Thus, users must avoid themselves from opening of any emails spam messages. The payload of such a ransomware often drops on users machine directly and set to deliver another crypto-virus. Another transmission channel of SEED LOCKER ransomware are bundling method, fake software installer, torrent attacker, drive-by-downloads, hacked or infected domain, pirated software and many more.


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