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Best Way To Remove Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware

Details About Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware

Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware is a new variant of Scarab Ransomware which recently got detected by the malware experts named Amigo-A on 27th February, 2019. It is a deceptive kind of file encrypting Trojans that can affects various types of Windows platform based Operating System such as Vista, 8, XP, 10, 8.1, 7 etc and many famed Web Search Engines like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome etc. It can very easily encrypts all the essential data of the users by using any powerful encrypting algorithms like AES and make all the files completely inaccessible. After the encryption procedure it can appends the file name by adding .ARTEMY extension as a suffix of each encrypted files. The main purpose of developing such ransomware by the malware researcher team is to extort large amount of money from the innocent victims for its evil purposes and wrong intension.

Properties Of Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware

Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware is a data locker that mainly targets only Russian- speaking victims and uses a new file marker that can get connected to new set of command servers. It may very secretly get penetrated into the targeted computer system using several distributive ways such as clicking suspicious pop-up ads, peer to peer file sharing network, hacked executable files, clicking suspicious pop-up ads, pornographic or adult sites, fake software updater, online gaming server, untrustworthy third party software down-loader etc. It may possess all the features of other variants such as Bomber, Osk, Scarab-Turkish Ransomware  and Scarabey. It drops a ransom note КАК ВОССТАНОВИТЬ ЗАШИФРОВАННЫЕ ФАЙЛЫ.TXT (“how to recover encrypted files.txt”) format on the desktop of the victim in order to get a ransom amount. It compels trhe user to buy its decryption key if they want to get reaccess their own encrypted files by using cryto-currency like Bitcoin or Monero. And also provides email address like [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] email accounts for contacting purposes. 

Bad Aspects Of Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware

Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware is crypto- threat which can easily encrypts all the confidential data of the users. It can deactivates all the security measures such as firewall protection mechanisms and anti-virus programs of the victimized computer system. It can locks down all the crucial files of users that are stored on the compromised machines. It can decreases the overall system speed and and its performances both.

How To Remove Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware

The best efficient removal of Scarab-ARTEMY Ransomware from the deceived computer system by using either manual or automatic techniques which can help you to avoid the unnecessary created destructions.


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