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How To Delete Pup.optional.ask From Affected PCs Easily

Pup.optional.ask : What is it?

Pup.optional.ask is an ad-supported advertising platform designed by an Adware developer to promote the third-party adverts. There are several adware infection available on Internet but this term mainly refers to the object of browser hijacking that capable to make Ask.com which also identified as Ask Jeeves. At the first glimpse, it seems as a regular search engine but it aims to drop several PUP and PUA on targeted Windows machine. Similar to other potentially unwanted program, it proliferates inside the Windows PC secretly and then set the default search engine as well as new tab page immediate to the 'Search Ask Search'. Then after, it provides the several browser redirection, misleading result and endless annoying adverts notification to users screen. It's presence is really harmful for targeted machine. This is why, deletion of Pup.optional.ask is essential.

Delete Pup.optional.ask

Pup.optional.ask : Threat Summary
Name of Threat Pup.optional.ask
Type Potentially Unwanted Program, Adware
Promoted As Browser Hijacking Tool
Risk Level Low
Related PUP.Optional.InstallCore, PUP.Adware.COINWEBMINING, PUP.Multitimer etc.
Primary Aim Hijack users all browser and use them for generating online revenue.
Harmful Activities
  • Modifies users all browsers
  • Produces endless advertising content
  • Causes frequent browser redirection to odd webpages
  • Tracks users non-personal data
  • Downpours overall System's working speed
  • Disables all system's security measures etc.
Removal Solution For the successful removal of Pup.optional.ask and other nasty adware, system users are highly advised to scan PC with highly advanced Windows Scanner Tool.

How does Pup.optional.ask compromise users PC?

Pup.optional.ask is a type of potentially unwanted program that gets inside the user's Windows machine silently via bundling method. Actually, this installation method is a dubious and deceptive tactic used by hackers to trick system users into downloading & installing of freeware packages and stuffs including audio, video clips, images, games, PDFs, apps and many more. It's developer often hide it's payload within the advance or custom option that skipped by several users in hurry while performing installation procedure. Downloading of any package using Default/Standard installation mode may lead you to Pup.optional.ask infection. Additionally, it can compromise your machine via spam emails, malicious links, P2P file sharing network, contaminated device, suspicious ads, malicious links and so on.

What are the preventive measures to protect PC against Pup.optional.ask?

  1. Keep yourself a fair distance or away from the unprotected sources.
  2. Always opt the correct download/installation option means Advanced/Custom instead of Standard/Default option.
  3. Always opt official site and trusted sources to download any program.
  4. Must read EULA, terms & conditions and installation guide carefully.
  5. Avoid to click on any suspicious or malicious link.


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