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How To Delete Nols Ransomware & Decrypt Valuable Files

Nols Ransomware : Newest Member of STOP Ransomware Family

Nols Ransomware is one of the latest and newest variant of STOP Ransomware. As per the in-depth analysis report it has been identified as a 173rd version of DJVU Ransomware family. It's principle is is exact same one as used by the predecessor variant of STOP Ransomware means infect users System files, locks their data as well as files, drops ransom demanding message and ask for the ransom payment. It is designed by attackers in such a way that it is capable to infect Windows based system using RSA, SHA or AES file encryption algorithm. Once, it perform encryption procedure successfully, it renames targeted files by adding .nols file extension, delivers a ransom note labeled as _readme.txt and ask victims for transferring ransom price.

Ransom Note of Nols Ransomware

A Quick View On Nols Ransomware
Name Nols Ransomware
Type Ransomware, File Encrypting Virus
Danger Level High
Affected PCs All version of Windows System
Belongs To STOP Ransomware Family
Used File Extension .Nols
Ransom Note _readme.txt
Ransom Price Kvag Ransomware, Verasto Ransomware, Lapoi Ransomware etc.
Description Nols Ransomware is another dangerous ransomware infection designed by attackers to ruin system experience and endangers their privacy.
Occurrences Spam campaigns, software bundles, file sharing network, torrent attacker, contaminated devices etc.
Deletion Possible, to delete Nols Ransomware and make PC free from ransomware, you must scan Computer with Windows Scanner Tool.

Know About _readme.txt File Displayed By Nols Ransomware

After performing the encryption procedure, Nols Ransomware delivers _readme.txt which is considered as a ransom demanding message. In this message, it's developers state that your files are locked and you can only decrypt them by paying $980 ransom fee. It's attackers provides 50% discount to victim, if they paid the ransom money within 72 hours. In ransom note, hackers also state that victims must write an email letter to get file decryption key and decrypt their files. Despite of all claims, experts never advised users to believe on ransom note and contact with attacker because hackers don't provide any guarantee to deliver decryption key even paying ransom fee. So, you must follow the Nols Ransomware removal instruction immediately after noticing of it's any harmful symptom.

The Possibilities of Protection From Nols Ransomware

  • Ensure that you are using a reliable anti-malware tool.
  • Always update your program when any new upgrades get released.
  • Manage your all inbox emails regularly and carefully.
  • Don't open any attached documents or files without scanning them.
  • Avoid to visit any untrusted or unprotected sources etc.


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