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How To Delete 1BTC Ransomware & Decrypt Files

1BTC Ransomware : Latest Variant of Dharma Ransomware

1BTC Ransomware or LockCrypt Ransomware attack has been surfaced over the Internet widely. After getting it's sample, most of the users think that it is a new ransomware. Actually it is right but only partially means it is not a completely new ransomware. Actually, it's developer made this new ransomware by using source code of infamous Dharma Ransomware family. So, it can be also identified as a new member of Dharma family. Similar to the predecessor member of Dharma, it victimized lots of Windows users and earn online money from them.

Ransom Note of 1BTC Ransomware

Quick Analysis View On 1BTC Ransomware

  • Name of Threat – 1BTC Ransomware
  • Variant of – Dharma Ransomware
  • Category – Ransomware
  • Risk Impact – High
  • Affected PCs – Windows 32 & 64
  • File Extension – .1BTC
  • Ransom Note – FILES ENCRYPTED.txt
  • Contact Address – [email protected]

Actions Performed By 1BTC Ransomware On Targeted PCs

Once Windows PC gets contaminated with 1BTC Ransomware then it will scanned users PC and then after locate user's files including audio or video clips, images, databases, documents, PDFs and much more. Upon the successful file encryption, it makes all affected files inaccessible or no longer openable. You can identify the targeted objects easily because after encryption, it modifies the targeted files name by adding .1BTC Ransomware file extension. As soon as, it completes the file encryption procedure it delivers a ransom note and ask victim to contact with it's developer via [email protected] email address. But expert's always recommended users to stay away from 1BTC Ransomware creators. In order to decrypt your all valuable files, you can use a backup copy but in case if you want to keep them safe for longer time then you must opt 1BTC Ransomware removal instruction immediately after noticing of it's any harmful symptom.

Tricks To Avoid PC Against 1BTC Ransomware

Since, 1BTC Ransomware is a new ransomware so it's propagation method is currently unknown. But upon the in-depth analysis, expert's revealed that like other Dharma Ransomware, it penetrates inside the machine silently via massive spam email campaigns, fraudulent or fake application updates, infected peripheral devices, pirated or fake software updater, drive-by-downloads and much more. To keep System safe against 1BTC Ransomware attack, you must opt these safeguard tips including :

  1. Be attentive while surfing web.
  2. Don't open any massive email campaigns.
  3. Never visit any unknown or hacked website.
  4. Avoid yourself from clicking on any unknown advert.
  5. Keep a backup copy of your installed application or file regularly.


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