Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal Easy Solution

Virus Name: Swamp RAT Ransomware
Virus Type: Ransomware

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This post aims to help Windows user to delete Swamp RAT Ransomware and make PC free from ransomware. So, read this ransomware removal guide completely.

Delete Swamp RAT Ransomware

Unique Facts of Swamp RAT Ransomware

Swamp RAT Ransomware is a recently identified ransomware but if you think that it is similar to traditional ransomware then you are wrong. Actually, there is something discrepancy between it's appearances and it's behavior. Instead of asking for the ransom payment, it forces targeted users or victims to view the porn material. Another unique facts of this file encrypting virus is that it doesn't encrypt user's files like other ransom virus. As name suggests, it is a part of the Remote Access Trojan (RAT) and it allows attackers to access targeted machine remotely. Whenever, you will look at the ransom note of Swamp RAT Ransomware, you will notice that it is written in the manner of stereotypical informal British and draws user attention by using matte and innit words.

Get Familiar With The Transmission Tendencies of Swamp RAT Ransomware

Swamp RAT Ransomware is capable to compromise almost all version of Windows OS via several unfair and illegal tactics. Mostly, it spreads via social engineering tactic and spam campaigns. The developers of such a RAT ransomware often spread its payload via spam messages into user inbox and urges them into opening on it. Opening of any spam message may lead you to Swamp RAT Ransomware infection. Another common distribution channels are software bundling, pirated software, P2P file sharing website, infected removable devices and many more.

Reasons Behind The Deletion of Swamp RAT Ransomware

Swamp RAT Ransomware is really too much dangerous for the users machine. After invading inside the machine, it do series of notorious actions which will not only ruin the user's system experience but also endangers their privacy. Some of it's notorious actions are :

  • Displays several fake notifications and error messages.
  • Brings various unnecessary modifications in default browser and homepage setting.
  • Make you unable to do any job over PC normally.
  • Disables all installed security program and firewall setting.
  • Deletes your some crucial data and many more.

Apart from these, there are several notorious actions performed by this ransomware. The behavior of such a ransomware is really worst for the targeted PC. So, users are highly advised to opt the Swamp RAT Ransomware removal instruction immediately. Otherwise, they have to be really suffer with several serious troubles.


Easy Steps To Remove Swamp RAT Ransomware Manually

Swamp RAT Ransomware is indeed a dangerous threat which should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. Below are the some manual steps which helps you to get rid of Swamp RAT Ransomware.

Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Control Panel Of Windows 8

1. Select Search from the Top right corner of the screen and then type Control Panel.

Windows 8

2. When the Control Panel windows appears, select Uninstall a program under programs and remove Swamp RAT Ransomwarefrom it.

Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Control panel Of Windows 7/XP And Vista

1. Click On start Button from the task panel of desktop.

Windows XP, Windows 7 images

2. When control Panel windows appears then select Uninstall a program under Program sections and click on it.

3. Click installed on under Program and features Window.

Step 3

4. Select Swamp RAT Ransomware and click on Uninstall.

step 4

For Windows 10

1. Click start Menu.

Windows 10

2. Click On system Setting.

Windows 10 step 2

3. Click on App and Features under system menu.

Windows 10 step 3

4. From the List select Swamp RAT Ransomware and click on Uninstall Button.

Windows 10 step 4

Delete Swamp RAT Ransomware From Windows Registry

1. Click Start Button from MS registry editor and select Run.

Step 1

2. Type regedit on Run windows and click OK.

Step 2

3. List of registry entries will appear and check the program under HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE.. If you see unknown files, type program name with extension in search box . If you find any Swamp RAT Ransomware files then remove it immediately.


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Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Microsoft Edge

1. Click More(…)->Click Settings->Once address bar opens.

MIcrosoft EDge 1

2. Choose a Specific page->once the options opens.

EDge step 2

3. Select custom->put URL to see the default homepage and click on the Remove button.

Edge step 3 image

Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Menu Button>Tools>Extensions.

google-chrome. step 1 iamge

2. Select Swamp RAT Ransomware and other associated program and click trash bin.

Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox Menu Button>Select Add-ons>Select Swamp RAT Ransomware and other associated program and click Remove button.

Firefox. step 1

Swamp RAT Ransomware Removal From Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet explorer then click Tools and then Add-on tools and extensions.


2. Select Swamp RAT Ransomware and other malware associated programs>Click Remove Button.

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