Solved! How To Delete Win32/Wajagen.A Easily From Your PC

Virus Name: Win32/Wajagen.A
Virus Type: Trojan, Virus, Malware

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If somehow your Windows PC is compromised with Win32/Wajagen.A then you should not take it lightly because Win32/Wajagen.A is yet another Trojan infection that is capable to cause lots of serious problems. There are numerous things that user must know about Win32/Wajagen.A to keep their PC away from it. To get all information, keep reading this post completely.

Delete Win32/Wajagen.A

Know About Win32/Wajagen.A

Win32/Wajagen.A is a newly detected Trojan that spreads over the Internet wide and attacks almost all unsuspecting online System users. Some of the security analysts are regarded it as an extremely and the most dangerous malware infections because it compromises users Computer's security easily and causes lots of serious issues to your Computer. It's con artist of cyber criminals has designed it in such a way that it can easily compromise machine executing on Windows OS including Windows Vista, XP, Server, ME, NT, 7, 8/8.1 and the recent version Windows 10.

Horrible Things That Win32/Wajagen.A Do On Affected Machine

Win32/Wajagen.A is really one of the worst and most dangerous Trojan infections that do series of notorious actions inside the affected machine but some of the most maliciousness actions are :

  • File Destruction – This malware is capable to wipe off almost your all data and files which means it will erase everything that y6ou keeps on machine.
  • Espionage – The worst functionality of Win32/Wajagen.A is to spy on victim. Due to this malware, there is high possibility that it would receive commands from criminals creators to track down almost all online as well as offline activities.
  • Virus Spreading – It is capable to open the System backdoor and inject lots of malicious threats inside the machine including adware, spyware, spammers, keyloggers, ransomware and many more.
  • Degrades System Speed – Win32/Wajagen.A is capable for highly consuming Computer as well as network resources which as a result it slows down overall working speed.
  • Displays Several Alerts – Due to the appearances of such a malware on your compromised machine, you will notice several fake alerts, messages or notifications on your screen and many more.

Potential Sources of Win32/Wajagen.A Attack

Being a member of vicious and dangerous Trojan family, Win32/Wajagen.A uses several distribution channels but some of them are :

  • Spam campaigns
  • Exploit kits
  • Drive-by-downloads
  • Bundling method
  • P2P file sharing network
  • Infected peripheral devices
  • Hacked domain, fake software updater etc.


Easy Steps To Remove Win32/Wajagen.A Manually

Win32/Wajagen.A is indeed a dangerous threat which should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. Below are the some manual steps which helps you to get rid of Win32/Wajagen.A.

Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Control Panel Of Windows 8

1. Select Search from the Top right corner of the screen and then type Control Panel.

Windows 8

2. When the Control Panel windows appears, select Uninstall a program under programs and remove Win32/Wajagen.Afrom it.

Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Control panel Of Windows 7/XP And Vista

1. Click On start Button from the task panel of desktop.

Windows XP, Windows 7 images

2. When control Panel windows appears then select Uninstall a program under Program sections and click on it.

3. Click installed on under Program and features Window.

Step 3

4. Select Win32/Wajagen.A and click on Uninstall.

step 4

For Windows 10

1. Click start Menu.

Windows 10

2. Click On system Setting.

Windows 10 step 2

3. Click on App and Features under system menu.

Windows 10 step 3

4. From the List select Win32/Wajagen.A and click on Uninstall Button.

Windows 10 step 4

Delete Win32/Wajagen.A From Windows Registry

1. Click Start Button from MS registry editor and select Run.

Step 1

2. Type regedit on Run windows and click OK.

Step 2

3. List of registry entries will appear and check the program under HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE.. If you see unknown files, type program name with extension in search box . If you find any Win32/Wajagen.A files then remove it immediately.


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Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Microsoft Edge

1. Click More(…)->Click Settings->Once address bar opens.

MIcrosoft EDge 1

2. Choose a Specific page->once the options opens.

EDge step 2

3. Select custom->put URL to see the default homepage and click on the Remove button.

Edge step 3 image

Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Menu Button>Tools>Extensions.

google-chrome. step 1 iamge

2. Select Win32/Wajagen.A and other associated program and click trash bin.

Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox Menu Button>Select Add-ons>Select Win32/Wajagen.A and other associated program and click Remove button.

Firefox. step 1

Win32/Wajagen.A Removal From Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet explorer then click Tools and then Add-on tools and extensions.


2. Select Win32/Wajagen.A and other malware associated programs>Click Remove Buttons.

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