Remove TopicLookup By Using Simple Techniques

Description About TopicLookup

TopicLookup is a disastrous Operating System infection which may belongs to the Potentially Unwanted Program family. It is considered to corrupts various types of Mac as well as Windows Operating System such as Win 32/64, Vista, 7, XP, 8/8.1, 10 etc and several famed Web Browser Search Engines such as Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. The main motive of such malicious threat is constant flooding of countless pop–up ads, eye catching exciting deals, promotional offers and banners etc on the screen of the victimized computer. It can easily gather all the confidential informations of the victim from the corrupted machines by using IP address, location, user name and its passwords, some visited URLs, and amny more.

Characteristics Of TopicLookup

TopicLookup is a basically promoted as a legitimated application tool which can help the user some useful services and improves the searching ways. But actually is just a spam that tricks the user’s web browser with suspicious pop-up ads all over the desktop. It can quietly get invaded into the compromised computer system by using some spreading methods such as reading junked e-mail attachments, corrupted external drives, fake invoices, email spam campaigns, download free things from untrusted websites, untrustworthy third party software down-loader, free file hosting websites, pornographic or adult sites, online gaming server,  peer to peer file sharing network, downloading torrents websites, fake software updater, untrustworthy downloading sources, software bundling method, hacked executable files, click commercial ads embedded malicious codes and many others. The key factor behind developing such malware threat by the hackers is to withdraw large amount of illicit revenue from the victim of the contaminated machines.

Shortcomings Of TopicLookup

TopicLookup is a Potentially Unwanted Application based adware program which can gather all crucial informations of the users and shared with third party for wrong motives. It can stops the working of firewall protection mechanism and anti-virus programs of the affected computer system. This can also deliver some intrusive pop-up advertisements, banners, promotional deals and offers for annoying the user and brutally influences their browsing sessions.

How To Uninstall TopicLookup

It is really very essential task to uninstall TopicLookup from the contaminated computer system by using two techniques either manual or automatic removal tools in a user friendly way.  

Download for Mac

Complete Information about TopicLookup: What TopicLookup Does After Infiltration

remove TopicLookup

TopicLookup, As the name well describes, is a harmful virus developed by cyber crooks and is recognized for delivering spontaneous advertising materials to the user’s computer in a very aggressive way. TopicLookup is just another parasite of computer bug known as potentially unwanted adware program that you might stumble when you are online surfing. Similarly classified as other malware threats like spyware, viruses and bugs acknowledges you about what to expect out of an an adware. It is specially constructed for the delivery of targeted commercials, advertising contents which may or may not be relevant to users but not requested by then at all. Infection like adware contains highly intrusive advertisements which can sneak into your computer and wreak havoc.

Ways To Infiltrate The Windows PC:

  • Clicking on Intrusive ads of an unreliable domain.
  • Free software download.
  • Spam email attachment
  • Visiting unverified website

Harmful Impacts:

  • TopicLookup is never-ending pile of malicious ads, banners and pop-ups.
  • Activates instantly after installation.
  • What’s worst, TopicLookup modifies your browser and system settings in a manner to server hacker’s unreliable and suspicious purposes.
  • The ads by TopicLookup are pay-per-click scheme based.

That means hackers gains a lot of money by bombarding your screen with their sponsored pop-up ads, banners, vouchers, offers etc. The sponsored links promoted by adware are graduated from third party side and might include fake software updates and security warnings. The compromised machine gets severely slowed down and your dearest browsers starts crashing or frequent freezing. Moreover, TopicLookup give rise to massive danger as far as your privacy is concerned. This irritant will assemble your IP address, email/password, credit/debit card details, it will monitor whole browsing history and search results. Your crucial information might be sent into the wrong hands. So you need to remove TopicLookup at the earliest.

Manual Infection Removal On Mac OS X In Easy Clicks

Step 1. Remove TopicLookup Related Software Successfully On Mac OS

1. Go to the “Finder”.

2. Open the “Applications” folder.

3. Now right click on TopicLookup otherwise unwanted program, and then choose “Move to Trash”.

4. Open “Trash” folder and press “Empty”.


Step 2. Uninstall TopicLookup Related Extension On Main Browsers Chrome, Firefox, And Safari On Mac Machine

On Chrome


  1. Press the Crhome menu on browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Now, Click on trash can icon in order to uninstall or delete TopicLookup extension successfully.
  5. Be sure to delete all extensions which you don’t need anymore.
  6. After that a confirmation dialog presents, press Remove.

On Mac Mozilla Firefox


1. Start the Firefox and go to the Firefox OSX menu to choose preferences.

2. Click the Extensions panel in the add-ons Manager tab.

3. Now make sure to uninstall or delete all extensions which you don’t know or need.

4. Select Disable or Remove button of TopicLookup.

5. Finally, Press Restart now if it pops up.

On Mac Safari

1. Start up your Safari browser.

2. Press onto ‘Safari’ and then choose ‘Preferences’.


3. Go to the ‘extensions’ tab in the top menu bar.


4. This will show all the extensions, or plugins which are currently injected.

5. Select TopicLookup & its related or dubious other extensions that you want to delete.

6. Now, click the Uninstall or Remove button.


Step 3. Install MacKeeper To Remove TopicLookup And Its Related Malware Infection & Boost Up Your Mac Machine Performance

Step 1. Press the “Free download” button below in order to download MacKeeper and run the setup to completely & successfully installation.


Step 2. After a successful installation, click on System Status tab and start “Scan” to diagnose Mac and then select “Fix”.

Mackeeper step 2

(User can also navigate to “Virus Removal” tab directly and scan to remove all TopicLookup or its related malware infections)

Step 3. If TopicLookup still presents then go to the Uninstaller tab and find remove or uninstall dubious and unwanted apps.

Mackeeper Step 3

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