Easy Guide To Delete XUY Ransomware From Infected Machine

Introductory Details of XUY Ransomware

XUY Ransomware is another cyber threat that belongs to the Ransomware family. It proliferates inside the machine secretly and after that immediately start to modify PC. Then after it activates file encryption module that is mainly designed by hackers to locate users all targeted files including audio or videos, documents, PDFs, databases and many more. After the encryption, the encrypted data or file become useless and prevent users from accessing them. The harmful behavior of XUY Ransomware doesn't end here. After that, it delivers a ransom note on desktop to informs user about XUY Ransomware and instruct them to pay ransom fee on BTC to get the decryption key to decrypt files. Before getting it's too much information, let's look at its ransom note :

Ransom Note of XUY Ransomware

Quick Glance on XUY Ransomware

Name of Threat XUY Ransomware
File Type Cryptovirus, Ransomware
Based On Thron Ransomware
Risk Level Very High
File Extension .xuy
Ransom Amount 400€
File Decryption Possible
Removal Recommendation Download Windows Scanner Tool, to locate and get rid of XUY Ransomware

Behavior of XUY Ransomware That Turns System Users Into Victims

XUY Ransomware proliferates inside the machine silently to lock users all precious files. The payload of such a ransom virus access several Computer parts and performs malicious modifications. Some of modifications enable the cyber threat to prevent them from being identified. It corrupts all System files and target several files. Once performing encryption, it drops ransom note to informs users about XUY Ransomware attack and asks them to pay $400 ransom fee in Bitcoin. However, team of security experts are advised users to avoid ransom payment because there is no any assurances that file decryptor possessed by cyber hackers is helpful one. So, it is highly advised to use XUY Ransomware removal guide instead of making a deal with cyber criminal.

Distribution Methods of XUY Ransomware

XUY Ransomware opted lots of deceptive ways to compromises PC but mainly triggered by an executable file named XyuEncrypt.exe. Undoubtedly, there are thousand of distribution channels but among all malspam is most popular one. Malspam means an email message that delivers the malicious software or infection like XUY Ransomware. If you open any malspam campaigns from your inbox then your PC may easily get victimized by XUY Ransomware. Besides, your System may also infect via malvertising site, compromised shareware or freeware packages, fake software updates, contaminates devices, hacked domain, suspicious ads, third-party links and many more.


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Delete Search.bravogol.com Redirect From Mac OS In Just 5 Minute

Virus Name: Search.bravogol.com
Virus Type: Browser Hijacker

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove Search.bravogol.com.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

This post is created to help Mac users for deleting Search.bravogol.com from their PC and fix web redirection issue. So, read this post completely till the end.

Delete Search.bravogol.com

Search.bravogol.com : Deceptive Domain That Falls Under Browser Hijacker Category

Search.bravogol.com is another search domain that comes under browser hijacker category. However, this domain pretends itself as a useful search domain because it follow the legitimate interfaces and claims user to offer lots of useful features. Similar to Chrome, Firefox, IE and other legitimate domain, it comes with a search box at the middle of homepage to provide user the best search result and short link to Web, Images, Videos, News and Shopping to top left corner. By providing the shortcut link, it offers user to do their preferable search quickly. It is really promoted as useful but this domain has a close related with browser hijacker that proliferates inside the machine silently from it's homepage and bundling method, so you should not believe on it under any circumstances.

Domain Information of Search.bravogol.com

  • Domain – Search.bravogol.com
  • Registrar – Amazon Registrar, Inc.
  • Registry Domain ID – 2270960113_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
  • Registered On – 2018-06-03
  • Updated On – 2018-06-03
  • Status – ok
  • Name Servers – ns-1255.awsdns-28.org, ns-165.awsdns-20.com, ns-1981.awsdns-55.co.uk and ns-606.awsdns-11.net

Reasons Why Experts Not Recommended Users To Use Search.bravogol.com

No need to say that Search.bravogol.com is promoted on it's homepage as useful one but when users use it to search any queries then they will notice lots of inconveniences inside the PC. This domain has not it's own database because it displayed the search results from Yahoo database. Due to this redirect domain, you will notice unexpected browser homepage replacement and thousand of fake message including :

  • Read Search.bravogol.com
  • Transferring data from Search.bravogol.com
  • Loading Search.bravogol.com etc on status bar.

Instead of delivering any useful feature as it claimed, Search.bravogol.com delivers lots of issues. This is why, deletion of Search.bravogol.com is highly recommended from affected Mac machine.

Symptoms To Know The Presence of Search.bravogol.com

  • Replacement of default search engine with Search.bravogol.com.
  • Converts webpage text to hyperlinks.
  • Always redirect user to it's partnered site each time while doing online operation.
  • Highly consumes resources and degrades performance speed.
  • Keep leading user to sponsored site and trick them into purchasing it.
  • Hijacks user's all installed browser and avoid user from doing operation normally.
  • Traces online behavior and collects user's sensitive data and many more.

Download for Mac

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Helpful Guide To Delete Apushnotification.com From Affected PC

Virus Name: Apushnotification.com
Virus Type: Adware

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove Apushnotification.com.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

Have you noticed Apushnotification.com as your default homepage? Does it make your PC too much slower and weird than before? Is it altered you search engine and prevent you from reverting them? Searching for best guide to delete Apushnotification.com from your PC? If your answer is affirmative for almost all queries then this post is really beneficial for you because it includes Apushnotification.com detail and its elimination guide.

Delete Apushnotification.com

What do you know about Apushnotification.com?

Apushnotification.com is known as 'allow notifications' scam pop-up which means it comes with 'Allow' and 'Block' button. This site is actually an advertising site created by an adware developers that always tries to convince System users into acceptive the push notification. The block button is not worked at all, so it leave no any other option for user instead of clicking on Allow button. If you press on Allow button, browser is abused to display an advert in right corner of Windows. Despite of all, you should not click on Allow button because after that adware developer will cause lots of problem for you.

How Apushnotification.com is harmful for PC?

Apushnotification.com is mainly used to bombard user screen with endless ad-supported programs, insecure apps and several other unwanted programs that promoted the affiliate network. This site displays several fake update warnings to cheat System user to update software application with files but you should not do so because downloading and installing of any fake updater will automatically install the malware installer that packed with numerous malicious threats. Due to the presence of such a site on your PC, you have to suffer with really not of issues including :

  • Slows down your System working speed
  • Hampers your browsing experience
  • Steals your all personal data after tracking your cookies, browsing history or online activities
  • Exploits your Computer vulnerabilities
  • Makes several modification in your existing settings and many more.

How does Apushnotification.com infect PC?

Being a nasty adware, Apushnotification.com uses several social engineering tactics and deceptive ways to infect machine but mainly spread as an additional component or attachment along with the cost-free packages. In short, downloading and installing of any freeware packages may lead you to Apushnotification.com attack. Therefore, you must be attentive while performing installation wizard. You must accept EULA completely, read terms & conditions and always select Advanced or Custom option instead of typical or default one. So that you can avoid the installation of third-party packages or Apushnotification.com.


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Removal Mechanism For Octopus Trojan

Deep Analysis On Octopus Trojan

Octopus Trojan is a suspicious malware program that have newly discovered in October 2018 by the the researchers team when unreliable spam mails were sent to the ambassadors of Central Asia. It belongs to the Trojans virus family which is popular for scanning the devices for the images, text files, audio-video materials that are very much valuable for the users. It may also gather confidential informations about government secrets, intelligence reports and multinational project work. This cyber threat is a hidden program that promotes itself as a legitimated software but actually is created to carryout some very serious harmful activities on the deceived computer system. It can able to infect any versions of Windows Operating System like XP/ Vista/ 7/8/8.1/10 etc. And all the well known web browser search engines such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and many more. This Trojans has been specially developed by the team of cyber hackers just to extract huge amount of illegal online money through cheating the victimized innocent user. 

Peculiarities Of Octopus Trojan

Octopus Trojan is a dubious kind of Remote Access Trojans (RAT) which permits its creator to perform various malicious operations like manipulation of data, many files can gets installed, uploads and also get deleted on the victimized machine. It may connected to DustSquad which belongs to an Advanced Persistent Threat group as they have many same characteristics codings related to earlier versions. This can be very much profitable Trojans virus that secretly infiltrates into the compromised system through different methods such as junked or spammed emails, porn sites, download torrents, bundling method of software, contaminated external drives, suspicious websites links and many others. It is contributed through emails claiming to carry the latest version of Telegram IM client.  All the sensitive crucial data is theft and potentially shared with the third party persons for its evil purpose. It may also modifies all the default setting like system , browser, homepage, new tab etc.  

Barriers Of Octopus Trojan

Octopus Trojan is a destructive Trojans which completely destroys the browsing experience of the user 
as it cant be detected easily by any simple anti-virus. It decreases the system speed as well as its working performance both. It may bring many malicious suspicious programs into the  targeted system. All the operations of firewall protection and anti-virus programs are also gets stopped because of its presence. Many sensitive informations like account details, user id passwords, credit card details can get stolen by the spammers.

How To Wipe Out Octopus Trojan

You are strongly recommended to use either automatic or manual removal techniques for erasing this   Octopus Trojan from your infected computer system.


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Complete Removal Tutorial For [email protected] Virus

While surfing you suddenly fell that your system is behaving very abnormally and soon you realize that you have got victimized by [email protected] ransomware cyber threat. Here in this tutorial we provide you very easy and effective tested ways  to get rid of this malware from your PCs. But has to follow all the instructions very carefully if u really want to recover the corrupted files.

Facts To Know About [email protected] Virus

[email protected] Virus is newly identified as an disreputable, sneaky malware threat which has been categorized as a ransomware family. It is a treacherous kind of file encrypting computer viral infection which gets hidden into all the files like .doc, .png, .html, .jpg etc and also modifies the nature of all the files. It can insert its malicious coding inside the confidential files just for encryption purpose and mislead the victimized innocent user about this nasty system infection and also forced to buy the full version of this software application. Because of the presence of this cyber threat any Windows versions such as 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP can gets corrupted as well as all recognized browser search engines like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and many more also gets polluted.

Identifications Of [email protected] Virus

[email protected] Virus is a file locker ransomware which is developed by the malware researcher team with the sole intension of generating online marketing revenue by threating the deceived system users. This file encryption cryptovirus silently penetrated into the system files and locked down all the crucial files so that the user can't access them. In exchange of file decryption key for its restoration they demands for large amount of money in the form of crypto-currency like Bitcoin or Monero. All thefiles got encrypted by using sophisticated powerful encryption algorithm like AES and RSA. 

Problems Detected By [email protected] Virus

Due to this cunning [email protected] Virus as many numerous types of problems have been detected on the victimized computer system. They are as given :

  • It can encrypts all the confidential files of the infected system.
  • It blackmails the user to extort huge amount of ransom money.
  • It interrupts the user and never allows to work properly while surfing.
  • It drops a ransom notification just to threaten the innocent end users.
  • It deactivates all the system protection programs like anti-virus and firewall applications.

Evacuation Of [email protected] Virus

There are two best solution techniques which are capable of removing this [email protected] Virus  from the contaminated system through automatic or manual deletion procedures. 


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How To Delete FUNNY Ransomware Easily Forever (100% Effective Guide)

Virus Name: FUNNY Ransomware
Virus Type: Ransomware

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove FUNNY Ransomware.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

Is your PC infected with FUNNY Ransomware? Are you unable to access your valuable files because files locked with .funny file extension? Looking for best solution to decrypt your files easily to access them? If so, your search ends here. This post includes detailed information of FUNNY Ransomware and it's decryption guide.

Ransom Note of FUNNY Ransomware

Important Facts That You Must Aware With FUNNY Ransomware

FUNNY Ransomware is another term listed under ransomware category. Judged on it's name, most of the user think that it is funny at all but they have no idea how it is dangerous for their machine. It is another member of Dharma family. The name of ransomware depends on it's file extension because it renames the affected files name by adding .FUNNY file extension. Likewise it's predecessor variant, it encrypts all file types including :

  • Audio or video clips
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Documents and many more.

Once targeting files, it displays ransom note in 2 format including Info.hta and FILES ENCRYPTED.txt in the encrypted folder and desktop screen.

Things That You Must Do If Your PC Is Compromised With FUNNY Ransomware

If somehow your PC gets infected with FUNNY Ransomware then you will also see pop-up window with ransom message. The message often inform System user that their all System files have been locked due to some security issue and instructs victim to pay the ransom fee. The cost of ransom fee depends on how fast user will be contact via provided email address. Before contacting with hackers, you must note that hackers cannot be trusted. Typically, they ignored victims once ransom fee is submitted. In short paying money will lose your valuable data and your money forever. Therefore, you must opt FUNNY Ransomware removal instruction as soon as possible instead of paying ransom fee to hackers.

Get Familiar With Intrusion Method of FUNNY Ransomware

FUNNY Ransomware is a newest member of Dharma family, so exact method of its propagation is currently unknown. But after the depth analysis, researchers revealed that it mainly spreads via spam email campaigns that promotes the FUNNY Ransomware or other file-encrypting malware usually contain the malicious attachments. Once users opened suspicious attachment then FUNNY Ransomware infects PC. The another dispersal channels of this malware is fake software updater, spam email campaigns, untrustworthy site, unofficial software download sources and many more.


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How To Delete Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj Completely Forever

Virus Name: Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj
Virus Type: Trojan, Virus, Malware

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

Is your anti-malware detected Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj? Unable to get rid of it because you are using outdated anti-virus tool? Looking for an effective Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj removal guide to get rid of it and make your PC malware free. If so, read this post completely and carry out the below mentioned malware removal guide as in exact order.

Delete Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj

What do you know about Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj?

Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj is identified as an awful Trojan infection that mainly opens System backdoor and assist hackers to get into user PC. Experts are listed it under the vicious, dangerous and harmful System infection which is capable to do harm and causes lots of several modifications. It deploys several infected files on compromised machine to highly consume CPU usage and degrades System performance. Due to this malware inside your PC, you may suffer with BSoD error all of sudden and several negative traits.

How does Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj compromise PC?

Being a silent intruder, Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj proliferates inside the machine silently without user awareness. It enters inside the machine when System user download any freeware packages that includes additional packages, open any spam campaigns, play an online game from the infected game server, use any infected USB drives or peripheral device and many more. Expert's revealed that it's propagation channels always varies time-to-time but the main source of Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj attack remains same that is the use of Internet. So, be cautious while performing a single operation over Internet.

Why is essential to delete Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj instantly?

Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj seems as a stubborn and crafty malware. It disables firewall setting and hide itself very deep inside the machine, so that user cannot determine the attack of Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj and delete it. As soon as it gets inside the PC using any deceptive way, it immediately start to do malevolent actions. It injects so many malicious code over the Internet and start-up section.

This malware is responsible for making affected machine weird and sluggish by highly consuming resources. Specifically, it is programmed and created by hackers for recording users all personal data. In short, Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj is capable to ruin affected machine badly and endangers user's privacy. Therefore, deletion of Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj is highly recommended from infected machine.

What are the another negative traits of Trojan-Dropper.MsOffice.Agent.Aj?

  • Opens backdoor and bring several malicious malware.
  • Alters System crucial as well as registry files to mess up PC completely.
  • Gathers user all personal data and sent them to hackers.
  • Disables firewall, system setting and security measures.
  • Makes PC vulnerable after exploiting vulnerabilities etc.


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Guide To Delete FreeShoppingTool Toolbar Easily

Virus Name: FreeShoppingTool Toolbar
Virus Type: Potentially Unwanted Program

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove FreeShoppingTool Toolbar.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

FreeShoppingTool Toolbar : Another Toolbar Created By Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.

FreeShoppingTool Toolbar is another Google Chrome browser extension offered by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. known as most popular marketing company. This toolbar also referred as FreeShoppingTool by MyWay. It is another System program that relies on the integration with the user browser and listed in extensions manager. Such a toolbar is promoted on it's official domain, freeshoppingtool.com and available for downloading at free of cost. However, you should not download it. Before getting the reason behind it, take a look on it's interface :

Delete FreeShoppingTool Toolbar

FreeShoppingTool Toolbar Promoted As Useful One

At the initial inspection, FreeShoppingTool Toolbar seems as a useful application because it claims user to enhance their browsing experience by offering a button on homepage, weather forecast details, shortcut links to popular social media, shopping deals in several regions and many more. In short, FreeShoppingTool Toolbar pretends itself as a legitimate one and tricks user into believing on it. But despite of it's all fact, group of security analysts doesn't advised users to use or believe on FreeShoppingTool Toolbar because it is created by an adware developer and it is listed under the Potentially Unwanted Program category.

Ways Through Which FreeShoppingTool Toolbar Infects Windows PC

Being a member of PUP, FreeShoppingTool Toolbar also follow secret intrusion way to compromise machine but mainly it spreads via Bundling method. Hackers often attack PC as a suspicious toolbar, add-ons, plug-ins or other suspicious code that travels as an additional attachment with shareware or freeware packages. Downloading of any cost-free application or packages carelessly or by choosing Default or Typical option may lead your PC to FreeShoppingTool Toolbar. This is why, users must be attentive while downloading and installing anything over Internet.

Reasons For Uninstalling FreeShoppingTool Toolbar Instantly

FreeShoppingTool Toolbar is not useful for PC at all. It is responsible for causing lots of problem for affected users. This is why, deletion or uninstallation of FreeShoppingTool Toolbar is highly recommended from infected machine. Some of it's negative traits are :

  • Lead you always to Google search while browsing with FreeShoppingTool Toolbar.
  • Displays the altered search results.
  • Modifies the user content and existing System settings.
  • Bombards user screen with endless pop-up advertisement and third-party link.
  • Diverts user always to hacked or malicious sites.
  • Degrades Computer or network speed by eating up too much resources etc.


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Clean up .garrantydecrypt File Virus Using These Techniques

.garrantydecrypt File Virus: An Introduction

The cyber security analyst named Demonslay, come across a recently detected crypto-virus called .garrantydecrypt File Virus which is a highly dangerous file encrypting threat that is categorized under very famous ransomware family. All file-encrypting system threat is seriously designed with the aim of extorting money from victimized innocent users through encrypting their crucial data or stored files on the targeted system. It uses sophisticated powerful encrypting algorithm like RSA-4096 for the encryption of all the files. It appends the file name with the .garrantydecrypt extension along with a unique identification number. The remote attackers will compels you to pay ransom amount in the form of cryptocurrency for restoring of all the encrypted files with some given time limit. It usually threatens the user to delete all encrypted files if not paying the desired amount. But its never trustworthy nor a great idea to compromise with spammers, because they will not likely to unlock any of the files and will suddenly run away with your money.

Distributive Methods Of .garrantydecrypt File Virus

.garrantydecrypt File Virus is a generic unreliable file encoder that silently proliferated into the targeted system through infected unsecured websites, Spam or junked email attachments, downloading torrents, bundled third party freeware programs, porn sites, pirated or cracked softwares, infected USB drives, SD cards, audio- video ads,online gaming servers, peer to peer file sharing networks etc. This crypto-virus is intensionally programmed by remote hackers who uses a powerful encrypting algorithm to makes your files completely inaccessible. In exchange of decryption key it uses the extortion technique to generate online profit for its creator. Therefore it is very essential to permanently delete this ransomware threat from the compromised machine at the earliest phase otherwise you may lose your files forever.

Ill Nature Of .garrantydecrypt File Virus

.garrantydecrypt File Virus is a devastating threat which is mainly designed by the cyber criminals for blackmailing the innocent victimized system user. It can also disable all the security programs of the compromised system like blocking your currently working windows firewall protection application and anti-virus programs to make its self protected into the machine for longer period. This ransomware system threat can very secretly infiltrates into the targeted machine without any authorization. It is also been able to control your entire windows operating system.

.garrantydecrypt File Virus: Elimination

Using manual or automatic methods which provides the best possible ways to eliminate this .garrantydecrypt File Virus completely from the computer in a very safe and user friendly manner.


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Solved! How To Delete Driver Whiz From Affected Machine Easily

Virus Name: Driver Whiz
Virus Type: Potentially Unwanted Program

More details will be displayed in the following article.

If you want to save time, please directly skip to the easy guide to remove Driver Whiz.

You can directly download the anti-virus tool here:

Driver Whiz : Another Third-Party's Driver Updater Program

Driver Whiz is another term that can be explained as Driver Updater. It is promoted on it's official domain, driverwhiz.com as helpful Windows driver updater tool that claims user to scan and update an outdated or the missing drivers at very ease. It comes with a very easy-to-use and simple interface so that user can easily locate current windows driver. By using this program user can enjoy the unlimited scan but to update driver, users must pay the charge. In short, Driver Whiz behaves as a driver scanner tool that claims user to deliver lots of beneficial feature and save their efforts & time to update their driver but to update driver they must pay some charge. Before getting too much details of Driver Whiz, take a closer look at it's interface :

Delete Driver Whiz

Features That Offered By Driver Whiz

  • Regular System's Driver Monitoring – Driver Whiz claims user to check their System for device and hardware changes each time you execute it in order to keep your driver updates latest and help System for executing efficiently and optimally.
  • System Specific – This tool claims to check driver compatibility instantly with System's manufacturer to update correct Windows drivers. It will be updated with latest drivers that have been approved for the user manufacturer's system.
  • Reliable Updates – To update the Windows Drivers, Driver Whiz regularly comes out with the several new updates which ensure you are accessing the Windows driver that are most compatible with Windows OS.

No Need To Believe on Driver Whiz

Yes, you heard absolutely right. Despite of all useful features and claims of Driver Whiz, users should not believe on Driver Whiz because it is created by hackers for profitization and promotional purposes. Judged on it's behavior and several impact, security analysts are categorized Driver Whiz under the Potentially Unwanted Program. Some of the security experts revealed that hackers often ask victim to purchase this driver updater tool to gets it's feature which cost is really very high. Therefore, hackers are not recommended users to use it.

Negative Traits of Driver Whiz

  • Proliferates inside the Windows PC silently.
  • Annoys Computer user by displaying endless adverts or links.
  • Makes affected machine too much slower than before.
  • Alters several settings including browser, Computer & security.
  • Disables the function of security tools and software.

Sources of Driver Whiz Infiltration

  • Available for downloading on driverwhiz.com.
  • Travels along with the bundled of shareware or freeware packages.
  • Spreads as a suspicious attachment via Spam-email.
  • Attaches it's payload in hacked or malicious domain.
  • Another distribution channels are torrent-downloads, pirated software, online game, infected devices and many more.


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