Step-by-Step Nozelesn Ransomware Removal Process For Users

Nozelesn Ransomware Targeting Poland-PC Users

Nozelesn Ransomware is yet another newly-discovered file-encoder virus which is especially designed to target the system users located in Poland. Once getting inside the Windows machine, the malware encrypts the files stored onto it and appends '.nozelesn' extension to each of the files that it enciphers. After it does that, the criminal hackers responsible for this malicious attack will display a ransom note onto the affected system screen that can easily be identified as 'HOW_FIX_NOZELESN_FILES.htm'. Based on the research report, the Nozelesn Ransomware instruct the victimized users to login through a TOR payment site to receive further instructions to get the decryptor.

Nozelesn Ransomware

In order to login the TOR server, victimized PC users will need a unique ID number that might be shown in the ransom note displayed by this malware. The TOR payment server provided by this ransomware is also known as 'Nozelesn Decryption Cabinet' which is located in the address of 'lyasuvlsarvrlyxz.onion'. Cyber criminals behind Nozelesn Ransomware asks 0.10 bitcoin from the victimized users which is approximately equal to 660 USD. However, paying asked ransom fee to the virus developers is never recommended because you might not get the right decryption key even after making the ransom payment. Instead of making ransom payment, you need to restore the files using Shadow Volume copies of your vital data but right after eliminating Nozelesn Ransomware completely from your PC.

Prevent Tips For Nozelesn Ransomware Attack

Malware researchers highly suggest using the good computing tips in order to protect yourself from the attack of such notorious computer virus. You should always maintain a regular backup of your vital data that can be used to restore the files after the attack of Nozelesn Ransomware virus or similar cyber infections. Unfortunately, the decryptor for this malware is not available at the time of writing this article. However, the researchers were continuously working on the samples of this threat in order to provide the free decryption tool in future. The most important thing that you need to follow to prevent Nozelesn Ransomware attack is to avoid opening the files attached to junk emails arrived from unreliable sources.


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Delete Redirect : Easy Removal Guide

This post is mainly created to help Mac users whose PC is contaminated with If you are also one of its victim and looking for its perfect deletion guide then keep reading this post completely and follow the provided browser hijacker removal instruction as in the exact order.

Delete : Suspicious Domain Falls Under BH Category is a precarious search domain that mainly infect the Mac System. Like other legitimate search domain including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge and many more it pretends itself as a genuine that comes with a search box and claims users to enhance surfing experience but in reality it is completely different from its claims and appearances. This domain is mainly related with a browser hijacker that installs Lavradoor extension in users browsers.

No Need To Trust on

When you will enter any text or search any queries from its search box, you will notice that search results appear from Yahoo database. This domain doesn't contain its own database, it acts just only as the mediator or middle man between Mac users and Yahoo database. It automatically replaces users default homepage and after that it causes web redirect issue by leading the affected users to third-party site. This type of browser hijacker is mainly designed and used by the group of cyber criminals just only for monetization purposes and to fulfill their aim it bombards users screen with endless ads in various form such as :

  • Full window ads
  • Deals
  • Banner ads
  • Discounts
  • Comparison prices
  • Exciting deals and many more

The ads displayed by can be easily identified because it labeled the ads under several text such as Ads by, Advertisement by, Powered by, Sponsored by, Brought to you by and many more.

Other Common Symptoms of

  • Replaces your default search engine with
  • Drastically degrades overall performance speed.
  • Modifies users browser as well as System settings completely.
  • Disables firewall settings and anti-virus application.
  • Monitor users browsing habits and collects users all personal data etc.

Potential Sources of Attack

  • Clicking on any suspicious ads or links.
  • Downloading of freeware or shareware programs.
  • Visiting of third-party site or hacked domain.
  • Playing of online game from infected server.
  • Updating of existing application from redirected link etc.

Download for Mac

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Uninstall Clean PC Pro 2018 – Make Your PC Safe

Discussion on Clean PC Pro 2018

Clean PC Pro 2018 is a fake system optimizer and detected by malware experts. They have categorized this as a potentially unwanted program which ruin your computer and destroy several files. It does not optimize the files, programs or anything on your PC. It causes more harm rather than good. The target of this software is only to buy it's full version which can slowdown your system. When you will purchase the licensed version, you will invest your money at the wrong place. This article describes you about the knowledge of the Clean PC Pro 2018 and process to uninstall this program conveniently.

What Are The Main Methods Of Intrusion Of This Clean PC Pro 2018?

There are different kinds of methods by which Clean PC Pro 2018 enters into your computer. These are very effective for hackers to spreads vulnerabilities inside the computer. This virus come inside via unsafe network file transfer, visiting the low quality websites, junk mail file attachments, social engineering, drive by downloads and so on.

How Does Clean PC Pro 2018 Give A Bad Scenario To Your Computer?

The techniques which are used by the hackers are very effective to gain profit. Once Clean PC Pro 2018 get installed into your machine, it will create some unwanted activities. Your control panel will not access. You will assume that your computer is working perfectly but the reality is that that it begins to work imperfectly. You will see lots of pop-ups and ads which can generate the fake traffic for this PUP. You will also see the error message. The fake advertisements will show banners, coupons, offers, deals etc.

What Are The Other Bad Scenario And How Will You Prevent Your System From This Clean PC Pro 2018?

Clean PC Pro 2018 is very irritating and it may cause severe damage to your computer. It hep hackers to steal your data and generate lots of profit. You will get a big loss and disturb your privacy. This causes a problematic scenario for you. So, it is very important that you should take a preventive steps for your system like installing the antivirus software and update it regularly for the schedule scan of your PC. You should not click on unknown link or go to visit unwanted websites. Remove the Clean PC Pro 2018 from your computer as early as possible.


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Remove PUP.Optional.InstallCore Quickly From Your System

An Introduction To PUP.Optional.InstallCore

PUP.Optional.InstallCore is an unwanted malware which can ruin your PC. This potentially unwanted program causes several kinds of problematic situations inside your PC. It shows the fake advertisements which force users to click on the sponsored text and when you will click it gain traffic and Pay per click commission. This program is very irritating and causes severe damage to your PC.

How Does PUP.Optional.InstallCore install on your Computer?

PUP.Optional.InstallCore is a notorious PUP and come inside the PC through the following method:

  • social engineering
  • drive by downloads
  • unsafe network
  • spam email attachments
  • clicking on malicious links
  • visiting unknown websites etc.

What Are The Harmful Scenario Of PUP.Optional.InstallCore?

PUP.Optional.InstallCore have different kinds of harmful activities. It allow hackers to collect the important information and generate lots of profit for your data. This is the big trouble for you. So, you should install the antivirus and update it regularly. You should also turn on the firewall protection. You can also follow the guideline here to remove PUP.Optional.InstallCore instantly from your computer.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of PUP.Optional.InstallCore

There are different kinds of issues that you may face after the injection of PUP.Optional.InstallCore this PUP is very notorious and infect your system causing annoying activities like:

It makes your system sluggish and it may get freeze or crash. You will also start to see different kinds of pop-ups and fake advertisements. Shopping ads will generate and you will see banner, coupons, deals, free offers etc, on your browser. The internet speed will get slow. You will be unable to do work properly on your computer. You may assume that your PC is functioning properly but in real it is not. You will get problem to access your control panel. The error messages will also generate.

Some Preventive Measures From PUP.Optional.InstallCore

  • You should install the update the antivirus program.
  • You should always turn on the firewall protection.
  • Always use the strong and multiple password.
  • Use the secure and safe network.
  • Use the pop-up blocker.
  • To keep safe your files you can also use the Google drive.


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Remove Quickly (An Instant Step To Remove

Introduction To is a redirect virus which can ruin your computer after getting install into the system. This creates several types of irritating issues. When you use this website, you will see that this contains a white color background page having search box. It also contains three option below this search box which are home portal, Bing Search, Google search. When you click on the home portal icon, it shows the bing result page. When you click on the home portal option, it shows the website known as This site has 4 categories on its page which are free games, popular site, horoscope, and classifieds. It also contains some menu like top news, tech, sports, entertainment, finance, health, lifestyle, autos, and electronics. These also shows the result related to the category or menu.

What The Penetration Methods Of

You don't know that how much contains the malicious activities. It has lots of methods to enter into your system. It comes via freeware, peer to peer network file transfer, email attachments, visiting low quality websites, shareware, clicking on suspicious links etc.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of

  • You default homepage and search engine will changed to
  • New tab page start to display.
  • You will not reach certain websites like security sites.
  • You will see different kinds of ads.
  • New toolbars, favorites and bookmarks will get added to default browser.
  • The browser starts to run very slowly and system respond sluggishly.
  • Endless pop-ups and fake advertisements start to display.

How Much Is Dangerous? virus not only causes severe damage to your PC but also cause data loss that is very harmful to you. It ask to know your location which force you to think that it is suspicious or not. It is really suspicious and create some disturbance. You may face a big trouble that lose your information in such that you can't get it back. So, taking the steps to remove will be a good method to protect your PC. For this activity you can install the antivirus software and update it regularly to protect your data. You can also follow the instruction given below to remove quickly from your PC.



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How To Delete Assasin Trojan From Windows PC Easily & Completely

This post describes actually what is Assasin Trojan and how can you delete it from your infected machine. If somehow your Windows PC is contaminated with Assasin Trojan and searching for its deletion guide for long time then your search definitely ends here. Keep reading this post completely and carry out the provided Assasin Trojan removal instruction carefully.

Delete Assasin Trojan

Summary of Assasin Trojan

Threat's Name Assasin Trojan
Type Trojan
Alias Backdoor.Assasin.10, Backdoor.Assasin.11 [AVP], BKDR_SANISI.A [Trend]
Risk Level High
Affected Systems Windows
Discovered on July 03, 2002
Updated on February 13, 2007 at 11:39:30
Description Assasin Trojan is another worst Trojan infection that can compromise almost all version of Windows PC and causes several serious troubles.
Occurrences Spam campaigns, torrent downloads, bundling method, hacked domain, gambling site etc.
Properties Uses stealth infiltration tactics, Stays/Autostart Resident, Allows remote connect, Ruin System experience, Throws several fake alerts etc.
Removal Possible, download Windows Scanner Tool

Detailed Information of Assasin Trojan

Assasin Trojan is another dubious Trojan infection that is promoted as a malicious application on Windows machine. It is capable to target all System executing on Windows based Operating System. It aims to take control over the users PC and seeks to gain the administrator level access rights in order to perform the several malignant tasks. Like other malicious malware it has several negative traits and properties and it also deny the access to System security software sites and disable the anti-virus application automatically.

Assasin Trojan Mainly Spread Via phishing Email Tactic

Similar to other notorious Trojan infection, Assasin Trojan is also very dangerous one. At the initial inspection, it pretends itself as the legitimate document but after that it executes several malicious code at System background. Being an invasive and intrusive Trojan, it utilizes several tricky ways to compromise the Windows machine but among all the most common is phishing email tactic. Many of the cyber criminals uses botnets to distribute various malicious files. Therefore, System users must be cautious and careful while opening any emails.

Harmful Effects of Assasin Trojan

  • Opens backdoor and inject various malicious threats.
  • Slows down System speed by eating up too much resources.
  • Throws various security alerts and warning messages.
  • Add some new documents and delete registry files.
  • Endangers users privacy after collecting crucial data etc.


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Simple Instruction To Delete Redirect From Browsers

Is your default homepage get replaced with Have you noticed an unexpected and irrelevant modification in your browser settings? Are you facing with the web redirection issue each time while surfing the Internet? If your answer is affirmative for all the above queries then it is confirm that your PC is infected with a notorious browser hijacker. Well, need not to be panic because with the help of this guide you will delete from your PC.

Delete : Another Questionable Search Domain Listed Under BH Category is a domain seems as a helpful and trusted one at the first sight like another legitimate search domain including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and many more. Similar to legitimate search domain, it comes with a search box and shortcut links to Web, Videos, News, Bilder and many more. This search domain also allows users to search their web into their own preferable language. No need to say that it is trusted and very useful for Windows PC.

Despite of its legitimate look and claims, security experts are not advised victims to use because this domain is another creation of Mindspark Interactive which is known for creating several phishing site. This domain is a typical browser hijacker that aims to hijack users browser and earn online money from the affected System users. Instead of delivering any helpful feature to System user, it causes lots of serious troubles for innocent user. This is why, system experts are highly advised victims to delete from infected machine after getting its any harmful symptom.

Common Symptoms of

  • Replaces your homepage with without users awareness.
  • Convert users webpage text into hyperlink automatically.
  • Highly consumes resources which as a result degrades performance speed.
  • Tracks users search queries, browsing session and online activities.
  • Collects user all personal data and forwarded them to hackers.

Ways Through Which Hijacks Browser is usually promoted on Internet as a suspicious toolbar, add-ons or plug-ins that travel via deceptive bundling method. Downloading of cost-free or shareware packages is one of the main method through which proliferates inside the machine. To avoid System having or other browser hijacker, System users must be cautious while performing download and installation procedure. By opting some simple habits in daily life, System users can easily avoid their PC against and other System infection.


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Pulpy Ransomware – Removal Techniques From Computer

Threat Summary:


Pulpy Ransomware



Wild level:


Reported on:

June 2018

Distribution Method:

Software bundling techniques, Clicking on nasty links


AES-256, RSA2048Pro, RSA-2048



Email ID

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Ransom Note



Detect Pulpy Ransomware completely

A Brief Summary On Pulpy Ransomware

Pulpy Ransomware is a serious cyber scam threat which uses the method to encrypt the files for solving the wrong intention of the crooks. This is the cryptovirus having various misleading techniques which helps hackers to collect money in a huge way. It is developed in June 2018. It sneaks into the system and locks your data so that you will be unable to open the files in any cost. It sneaks without your permissions via software bundling techniques, clicking on nasty links, unsafe network file transfer and so on. These techniques are very effective and quickly penetrate Pulpy Ransomware into your computer.

How Does Pulpy Ransomware Encrypt Your Files?

This question is very important to know because you can confirmly know that this ransomware is injected into your machine and encrypted your files. The Pulpy Ransomware uses the strong ciphers of AES-256, RSA2048Pro, RSA-2048 to encrypt your files. These are the algorithm which typically uses at the time of creation of this virus. It encrypts the files such as documents, spreadsheets, power-points, images, audio, videos etc. These files have the extension as .ppt, .xls, .doc and so on. The encryption of such files by this ransomware changes its extension. There is another extension which is created by the hackers and they put this extension as a suffix at the end of each file name. You can see the example here: data locks.doc get changed into the data lockes.doc.aes. The extension “.aes” is used by the hackers to encrypt your files. So, you can now understand that how will this ransomware lock your files.

What Are The Techniques Which Are Used By The Hackers Of Pulpy Ransomware To Demand Ransom Money

The hackers of Pulpy Ransomware are so clever. After changing your files, they drop the ransom note as Instruction.txt. They give the message by this note and warn you to pay the fee to decrypt your files. They alert you to pay the amount within 2 days and prescribe the email ID as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] to contact them. But there is no guarantee that you will get the decryption key to unlock your files. If possible then you should try to create the data backup files in other external hard drive. You may take the step to restore the data by using the data recovery software.


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Uninstall Pokki Start Menu From Win XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10

Pokki Start Menu : Another PUP Spreads Via Bundling

Pokki Start Menu is a type of legitimate software which is developed by Sweet Labs Inc. for Windows 10 and Windows 8 operating systems. Technically speaking, it mainly comes bundled with freeware applications because various companies uses this method to gain revenue from the third parties in short period of times. The main reason why some PC users like this program is that it replaces the default start menu which closely remind of Windows 7 OS. However, they also love the customization option in Pokki Start Menu like size and place of icon can easily be adjusted and other parameters as well.

Pokki Start Menu

Nevertheless, some of the system users are quite irritated about the functionality of this program because it has been identified to gather various data related to the infected users and display targeted intrusive ads on their system screen. Cyber security researchers have categorized this software as a potentially unwanted program because Pokki Start Menu irritates the Windows users through its disturbing advertisements and tendency to monitor user's online activities. However, it is not a computer virus as it does not damage the infected machine nor the files stored onto it. Luckily, the removal of this adware is not complicated but eliminating its related components may be quite difficult for the users to detect and remove manually.

What are the consequences of Pokki Start Menu?

Right after getting inside, it will install other unknown programs on your computer without seeking your approval. It is important for you to stay away from other adwares that Pokki Start Menu may install on your machine because they inject the device with various junk files that can degrade the perform of infected computer. Moreover, you may also notice the high amount of pop-ups ads on every web pages that you visit on the popular Internet browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, MS Edge, Firefox and others. Clicking on those displayed adverts might lead you to unsafe or infectious domains as well. Thus, it would be better for you to remove Pokki Start Menu adware immediately from your system.


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Perfect Solution For Deleting Smoke Loader From Windows PC

This post aims to help System user for deleting Smoke Loader from their Windows machine. This instruction will works with almost all version of Windows OS. So, any Windows users can easily follow the step-by-step Smoke Loader Trojan removal guide.

Delete Smoke Loader

All Crucial Facts That You Must Know About Smoke Loader Trojan

Smoke Loader is listed by security analyst as a very notorious and dangerous Trojan infection created by the security analysts to attack almost all version of Windows System. Such a variant of malware is created by the cyber hackers to get online revenue via stealing users all crucial data. The occurrences of such a malware will really cause lots of serious troubles to you. It allows cyber hackers to access PC remotely and creates a back channel to receive the instructions from its developer. The presence of such a malware inside your PC will definitely make your System completely useless. Due to Smoke Loader you have to really face with several negative traits which is described in the post.

Ways Through Which Smoke Loader Compromised Windows PC

The developers of Smoke Loader uses lots of tricky ways and social engineering tactics but the most common distribution channel is free software marketing methods and bundles of freeware or shareware application that you downloaded in your PC from the Internet. The developers of such a malware may also compromise your machine when you open any spam message, download any dubious attachments, click on any suspicious ads, visit any hacked domain, share file over P2P network etc.

Malicious Actions Performed By Smoke Loader

Once Smoke Loader invades inside your machine successfully, it implements the several dangerous and malicious activities. First of all, it damages your Registry which is known as the crucial section of Windows OS and after that it disable Systems security measures. It automatically delete registry keys as well as files and add the harmful files into Registry which causes several program malfunctions. It highly consumes Computer as well as network resources which as a result it downpours Computer overall System and performance speed. The harmful effects of Smoke Loader doesn't end here. Worst still, it helps other type of malicious threats to attack Windows PC and destroy it. In order to keep PC away from further malware infection, System users must follow an immediate Smoke Loader removal solution.


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