JS/ProxyChanger.CW : Most Effective Way To Remove It


Technical Information About JS/ProxyChanger.CW

Threat Name



Trojan Horse

Risk Level


Date Discovered


Detection created

07-12- 2016


Signature database version


Distribution Method

P2P file sharing networks, Spammy email attachments, malicious links and more

Affected OS

All types of Windows OS

More Information About JS/ProxyChanger.CW

JS/ProxyChanger.CW is a detection name which is used by cyber security specialists. It is specifically a JavaScript and used to alter the proxy settings on remote systems. It uses an automatic configuration script to the purpose of force users into using a particular proxy. As a result, the user's network traffic is routed to a server operated by a threat actor. The data user sent and receive can be recorded, analyzed, modified and decrypted by third party companies. The Windows OS generates 'wpad.dat' while user choose the 'Detect Settings Automatically' option in the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings panel. The Trojan horse has been programmed to connect to a remote host and download a foreign Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Protocol (wpad.dat) file and reroute your traffic to servers under the control of a third-party. JS/ProxyChanger.CW opens backdoor to let hackers into your computer,

The Transmission Preference By JS/ProxyChanger.CW

  •  Opening any junk or Spammy email attachments.
  •  Using P2P file sharing networks and outdated anti-virus software program.
  •  Inserting any removal device without scanning.
  •  Downloading freeware application from unverified source.
  •  Visiting or clicking any malicious sites.

What Are The Harms Carried Out By JS/ProxyChanger.CW

According to security researchers, JS/ProxyChanger.CW Trojan is used in attacks on regular computer users and members of corporate networks alike. The nasty threat first comes to your computer and makes change to your registry by adding start-up values so that it is able to load itself every time you turn on your computer. It has ability to steal your all sensitive information such as IP address, credit card or debit card number, phone number, PIN number, password, bank related information and more. These information transferred to cyber threats in order to perform illegal activities. Thus, it is very necessary to get rid of JS/ProxyChanger.CW immediately.


Easy Steps To Remove JS/ProxyChanger.CW Manually

JS/ProxyChanger.CW is indeed a dangerous threat which should be removed from your PC as soon as possible. Below are the some manual steps which helps you to get rid of JS/ProxyChanger.CW.

JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Control Panel Of Windows 8

1. Select Search from the Top right corner of the screen and then type Control Panel.

Windows 8

2. When the Control Panel windows appears, select Uninstall a program under programs and remove JS/ProxyChanger.CWfrom it.

JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Control panel Of Windows 7/XP And Vista

1. Click On start Button from the task panel of desktop.

Windows XP, Windows 7 images

2. When control Panel windows appears then select Uninstall a program under Program sections and click on it.

3. Click installed on under Program and features Window.

Step 3

4. Select JS/ProxyChanger.CW and click on Uninstall.

step 4

For Windows 10

1. Click start Menu.

Windows 10

2. Click On system Setting.

Windows 10 step 2

3. Click on App and Features under system menu.

Windows 10 step 3

4. From the List select JS/ProxyChanger.CW and click on Uninstall Button.

Windows 10 step 4

Delete JS/ProxyChanger.CW From Windows Registry

1. Click Start Button from MS registry editor and select Run.

Step 1

2. Type regedit on Run windows and click OK.

Step 2

3. List of registry entries will appear and check the program under HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE.. If you see unknown files, type program name with extension in search box . If you find any JS/ProxyChanger.CW files then remove it immediately.


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JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Microsoft Edge

1. Click More(…)->Click Settings->Once address bar opens.

MIcrosoft EDge 1

2. Choose a Specific page->once the options opens.

EDge step 2

3. Select custom->put URL to see the default homepage and click on the Remove button.

Edge step 3 image

JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Google Chrome

1. Go to Chrome Menu Button>Tools>Extensions.

google-chrome. step 1 iamge

2. Select JS/ProxyChanger.CW and other associated program and click trash bin.

JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox Menu Button>Select Add-ons>Select JS/ProxyChanger.CW and other associated program and click Remove button.

Firefox. step 1

JS/ProxyChanger.CW Removal From Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet explorer then click Tools and then Add-on tools and extensions.


2. Select JS/ProxyChanger.CW and other malware associated programs>Click Remove Buttons.

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