How To Delete OSX/MaMi From Mac OS X

OSX/MaMi : First Mac Malware of 2018

Recently, team of security researchers have spotted a new Mac malware named OSX/MaMi. First of all, it's attack was noticed by experts at the starting of January 2018, so it has been called as the first Mac malware of 2018. It leverages as the DNS hijacker because it automatically modifies users Internet access configuration setting and always reroute user's data traffic through server. The related program of this malware often executes as 64-bit executable that lacks the digital signature and install the new root certificate in order to facilitate its malevolent operation. The behavior of OSX/MaMi is too much dangerous for affected machine. This is why, deletion of OSX/MaMi is highly recommended. Regarding its removal, read this post throughly and follow the below mentioned OSX/MaMi removal instruction in exact way.

Delete OSX/MaMi

Threat Profile of OSX/MaMi
Threat Name OSX/MaMi
Type DNS Hijacker
Category Trojan, Malware
Risk Level High
Discovered in January 2018
Executes on 64-bit executable file
Related OSX.Demsty!gen1
Description OSX/MaMi is a worst Mac malware that aims to conduct several attacks on PC and steal users all personal data.
Occurrences Malicious files, spam campaigns, torrent attackers, exploit kits, drive-by-downloads, pirated software, hacked website etc.
Removal Possible, to locate and get rid of OSX/MaMi, you must use Mac Scanner Tool.

Get Familiar With The Primary Goal of OSX/MaMi

OSX/MaMi is a type of dangerous, vicious and most dangerous Mac malware. Likewise other malicious malware, it also aims to ruin users browsing experience and steal users all personal data including :
Files that saved on Mac system

  • Keystrokes that typed by users
  • Financial details
  • Browsing details
  • Passwords of various accounts and many more.

Notorious Behavior of OSX/MaMi

OSX/MaMi has been detected as a worst Mac malware because after penetrating inside the Machine, it conducts various malevolent actions which doesn't only ruin users machine but also leads them to dangerous situation. Some of its notorious actions are :

  • Alters users DNS address and set to and to perform the man-in-the-middle attack.
  • Bombards user screen with various fake messages, notifications, alerts etc.
  • Always leads the affected users to third-party or unsafe website.
  • Installs cloudguard.exe certificate.
  • Take screenshots of user's desktop.
  • Automatically download and upload user files on server etc.

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Technical Description And Harmful Impacts of OSX/MaMi

remove OSX/MaMi

OSX/MaMi is identified as one of the most dreadful malware that has been categorized in Trojan virus. Once this nasty threat get installed on your computer then it will definitely keeps generating various ransom files and folder to executes its harmful operations in order to harm computer seriously. Like other Trojan virus this OSX/MaMi threat is also programmed to exploit system privacy and grant remote access of compromised computer to remote hackers, cyber criminals and third party. Its presence inside computer not only cause to collapse system security by damaging registry files and destroying important Windows properties but also this threat may easily steal your all important valuable informations, and even browsing details may also easily threatened by this harmful Trojan.

When and how it enters on computer?

There are lots of possible ways are used to penetrates such vicious threat on targeted computer, some common methods are :-

  • Comes with freeware stuffs and bundled free installation
  • Usually embedded with Spam email attachments and infected links
  • Other PUPs and malware are also used to drop this OSX/MaMi
  • Peer to peer file sharing, visiting on contaminated sites and infected removal medias are also responsible for this malware distribution.

Know harmful impacts and severe consequences of OSX/MaMi

  • Its presence may reach system as well as victim identity at high risk by selling or sharing collected data in black market.
  • It may easily use system resources and track victim every single activities remotely
  • It may create backdoor to allow installation of similar threats and other Rogueware

Therefore it is very important to remove OSX/MaMi quickly from computer.

Manual Infection Removal On Mac OS X In Easy Clicks

Step 1. Remove OSX/MaMi Related Software Successfully On Mac OS

1. Go to the “Finder”.

2. Open the “Applications” folder.

3. Now right click on OSX/MaMi otherwise unwanted program, and then choose “Move to Trash”.

4. Open “Trash” folder and press “Empty”.


Step 2. Uninstall OSX/MaMi Related Extension On Main Browsers Chrome, Firefox, And Safari On Mac Machine

On Chrome


  1. Press the Crhome menu on browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Now, Click on trash can icon in order to uninstall or delete OSX/MaMi extension successfully.
  5. Be sure to delete all extensions which you don’t need anymore.
  6. After that a confirmation dialog presents, press Remove.

On Mac Mozilla Firefox


1. Start the Firefox and go to the Firefox OSX menu to choose preferences.

2. Click the Extensions panel in the add-ons Manager tab.

3. Now make sure to uninstall or delete all extensions which you don’t know or need.

4. Select Disable or Remove button of OSX/MaMi.

5. Finally, Press Restart now if it pops up.

On Mac Safari

1. Start up your Safari browser.

2. Press onto ‘Safari’ and then choose ‘Preferences’.


3. Go to the ‘extensions’ tab in the top menu bar.


4. This will show all the extensions, or plugins which are currently injected.

5. Select OSX/MaMi & its related or dubious other extensions that you want to delete.

6. Now, click the Uninstall or Remove button.


Step 3. Install MacKeeper To Remove OSX/MaMi And Its Related Malware Infection & Boost Up Your Mac Machine Performance

Step 1. Press the “Free download” button below in order to download MacKeeper and run the setup to completely & successfully installation.


Step 2. After a successful installation, click on System Status tab and start “Scan” to diagnose Mac and then select “Fix”.

Mackeeper step 2

(User can also navigate to “Virus Removal” tab directly and scan to remove all OSX/MaMi or its related malware infections)

Step 3. If OSX/MaMi still presents then go to the Uninstaller tab and find remove or uninstall dubious and unwanted apps.

Mackeeper Step 3

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