Delete KeRanger Ransomware: Guide to remove KeRanger Ransomware from Mac

Is your Mac OS X device get affected by KeRanger Ransomware ? Are you searching for its detail and removal method? Then you should stop at this place , as you will get all informations from here. Read the post and also follow the steps to remove KeRanger Ransomware completely from device.

These days Apple customer or Mac OS X supported devices are getting infected by KeRanger Ransomware rapidly. Its main affect has found over Macintosh series but the other one are not untouched. Its affect has notice globally but the majority of user comes from United State, Canada, Germany and Australia. According to Ryan Olson, threat intelligence director at Palo Altos, mentioned that KeRanger Ransomware was appeared on 4th March and is functioning ransomware. Author of this threat mainly spread it by the help of pernicious application, e-mail attachment, hijacked websites, in-text link and other. After being installed in device along with legit application this one does few alteration in pre defined setting. It begins encryption task after the three days of the original attack. For encrypting files KeRanger Ransomware uses RSA 2048-bit encryption technique. After this demanded ransom amount in bitcoin which is approximately $400. As per threat researchers this threat mainly embedded with 2.90 version of BitTorrent client Transmission. If any of you continues with Transmission 2.90 should have to delete it immediately.

Transmission is one of the highly used application to download video, software, music and other files by using BitTorrent peer to Peer network. It is also known to offer open source software, may be infected with ransomware. Number of Mac user mentioned that it places message that its 2.90 version get affected with malware and regularly advising to upgrade with 2.91 to delete infected one from the website. To turn user rely on message it provide option to check whether they are infected or not along with few technical information. Presence of this ransomware in device leads to more critical problem. Therefore, it is suggested to remove KeRanger Ransomware instantly using Mackeeper, a expert recommended and million of user trusted.

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All You Need To Know About KeRanger Ransomware

remove KeRanger Ransomware

KeRanger Ransomware is not an unknown virus to the world anymore after so much of its cases roaming across the globe wreaking havoc and terrorizing innocent PC users. Its kinds may be newly forming but it’s origin is old. But when it comes to the the birth holder Ransomware, All does the same job. They stealthily enters your system and carry out shenanigans. KeRanger Ransomware encrypts anything and everything stored in your system and demand a ransom. First it sneaks in undetected, then locks your system and freeze your computer unless you meet its unhealthy demands and pay its ransom. This nasty parasite horrifies computer users by means of denial-of-sevice attack which is a very old method of victimization. Your machine and network resource will be made inaccessible. After this predator done encrypting your files, it pops a message on the screen of compromised PC.

The message reveals its illegitimate requirements. The latest trend is paying ransom in Bitcoins. This preferred mode of payment are almost untraceable and secures anonymity of the accused that targeted you. That’s a long way of saying that the person who attacked your system have bad agendas and they are after extorting your money from you and use the files on your system as hostage to get what they wish. Do not pay the ransom. How could you trust your money with the same hackers who manipulated it, Why can’t they repeat it again? The hackers have no respect for your your security welfare. By paying you will open the latch of your door to let them interfere in your private life and make you a victim of identity theft.¬†KeRanger Ransomware¬†uses slyness and guile to dig its way into you system which is junk emails, freeware, unreliable pages and websites, corrupted links. Hence remove KeRanger Ransomware the moment it is identified.

Manual Infection Removal On Mac OS X In Easy Clicks

Step 1. Remove KeRanger Ransomware Related Software Successfully On Mac OS

1. Go to the “Finder”.

2. Open the “Applications” folder.

3. Now right click on KeRanger Ransomware otherwise unwanted program, and then choose “Move to Trash”.

4. Open “Trash” folder and press “Empty”.


Step 2. Uninstall KeRanger Ransomware Related Extension On Main Browsers Chrome, Firefox, And Safari On Mac Machine

On Chrome


  1. Press the Crhome menu on browser toolbar.
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Choose Extensions.
  4. Now, Click on trash can icon in order to uninstall or delete KeRanger Ransomware extension successfully.
  5. Be sure to delete all extensions which you don’t need anymore.
  6. After that a confirmation dialog presents, press Remove.

On Mac Mozilla Firefox


1. Start the Firefox and go to the Firefox OSX menu to choose preferences.

2. Click the Extensions panel in the add-ons Manager tab.

3. Now make sure to uninstall or delete all extensions which you don’t know or need.

4. Select Disable or Remove button of KeRanger Ransomware.

5. Finally, Press Restart now if it pops up.

On Mac Safari

1. Start up your Safari browser.

2. Press onto ‘Safari’ and then choose ‘Preferences’.


3. Go to the ‘extensions’ tab in the top menu bar.


4. This will show all the extensions, or plugins which are currently injected.

5. Select KeRanger Ransomware & its related or dubious other extensions that you want to delete.

6. Now, click the Uninstall or Remove button.


Step 3. Install MacKeeper To Remove KeRanger Ransomware And Its Related Malware Infection & Boost Up Your Mac Machine Performance

Step 1. Press the “Free download” button below in order to download MacKeeper and run the setup to completely & successfully installation.


Step 2. After a successful installation, click on System Status tab and start “Scan” to diagnose Mac and then select “Fix”.

Mackeeper step 2

(User can also navigate to “Virus Removal” tab directly and scan to remove all KeRanger Ransomware or its related malware infections)

Step 3. If KeRanger Ransomware still presents then go to the Uninstaller tab and find remove or uninstall dubious and unwanted apps.

Mackeeper Step 3

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