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Solved! How To Delete Driver Whiz From Affected Machine Easily

Virus Name: Driver Whiz
Virus Type: Potentially Unwanted Program

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Driver Whiz : Another Third-Party's Driver Updater Program

Driver Whiz is another term that can be explained as Driver Updater. It is promoted on it's official domain, as helpful Windows driver updater tool that claims user to scan and update an outdated or the missing drivers at very ease. It comes with a very easy-to-use and simple interface so that user can easily locate current windows driver. By using this program user can enjoy the unlimited scan but to update driver, users must pay the charge. In short, Driver Whiz behaves as a driver scanner tool that claims user to deliver lots of beneficial feature and save their efforts & time to update their driver but to update driver they must pay some charge. Before getting too much details of Driver Whiz, take a closer look at it's interface :

Delete Driver Whiz

Features That Offered By Driver Whiz

  • Regular System's Driver Monitoring – Driver Whiz claims user to check their System for device and hardware changes each time you execute it in order to keep your driver updates latest and help System for executing efficiently and optimally.
  • System Specific – This tool claims to check driver compatibility instantly with System's manufacturer to update correct Windows drivers. It will be updated with latest drivers that have been approved for the user manufacturer's system.
  • Reliable Updates – To update the Windows Drivers, Driver Whiz regularly comes out with the several new updates which ensure you are accessing the Windows driver that are most compatible with Windows OS.

No Need To Believe on Driver Whiz

Yes, you heard absolutely right. Despite of all useful features and claims of Driver Whiz, users should not believe on Driver Whiz because it is created by hackers for profitization and promotional purposes. Judged on it's behavior and several impact, security analysts are categorized Driver Whiz under the Potentially Unwanted Program. Some of the security experts revealed that hackers often ask victim to purchase this driver updater tool to gets it's feature which cost is really very high. Therefore, hackers are not recommended users to use it.

Negative Traits of Driver Whiz

  • Proliferates inside the Windows PC silently.
  • Annoys Computer user by displaying endless adverts or links.
  • Makes affected machine too much slower than before.
  • Alters several settings including browser, Computer & security.
  • Disables the function of security tools and software.

Sources of Driver Whiz Infiltration

  • Available for downloading on
  • Travels along with the bundled of shareware or freeware packages.
  • Spreads as a suspicious attachment via Spam-email.
  • Attaches it's payload in hacked or malicious domain.
  • Another distribution channels are torrent-downloads, pirated software, online game, infected devices and many more.


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Uninstall Driver Maximizer From Windows PC Easily & Completely

This post will assist help you to uninstall Driver Maximizer from your System. So, read this post completely.

Delete Driver Maximizer

Driver Maximizer : Another Program That Claims To Maximize The Driver

After the re-installation of OS, updating of driver is really a time-consuming and the boring task. To resolve this issue, there is numerous automatic program is available in online as well as offline market but among all Driver Maximizer pretends to be most useful one. The developer of such a program always tries to convince users into believing on it. At the first glimpse, it seems as a trustworthy and legitimate, this is why most of the computer users easily trusted on it and they decided to use it but experts are strictly discourage user from downloading it.

Know Why Hackers Not Recommended Users For Downloading Driver Maximizer

Driver Maximizer is another fake optimization tool that offered by the SolidTech. However, it is promoted as a helpful Computer utility that claims System users to install latest drivers for their System's hardware but team of experts are not advised users to use it because it's behavior is similar to other Potentially Unwanted Program. In reality, Driver Maximizer doesn't deliver any feature as it claimed or mentioned on it's homepage.

Troubles Made By Driver Maximizer On Affected Machine

  • Blocks user anti-malware or firewall settings.
  • Injects several malicious code in System registry settings.
  • Slows down overall System and Network working speed.
  • Traces users all personal data and endangers their privacy.
  • Hampers web surfing experience by delivering endless pop-up ads and links etc.

Primary Motive of Driver Maximizer Developers

The sole intention of Driver Maximizer developers is to earn online money and for this, it urges user for purchasing the licensed version of program. For the user's satisfaction, it allows users to download and install the trail copy of Driver Maximizer and perform the free system scans for upto 30 days. To get complete feature of Driver Maximizer, hackers advised user to purchase its licensed version for 1 or 2 years. When users purchase the commercial license of Driver Maximizer then the con artist will get revenue from them.

Propagation Channels of Driver Maximizer

Being a Potentially Unwanted Program, Driver Maximizer often proliferates inside the machine secretly along with the bundles of cost-free or shareware packages that user often downloaded from Internet. It uses lots of cunning tactics to compromise machine but mainly spread via malicious hyperlink, pirated software, fake software updates, infected peripheral devices, spam emails and many more.


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Easy Way To Delete Free Forms Now Program From Windows OS

Information of Free Forms Now That You Must Know

Free Forms Now is promoted on as a helpful program. It is also available in Chrome Web Store to download. At the first, sight this program seems as a trustworthy and helpful one that claims users to gain quick access to most popular government forms. It works as a browser add-on and compatible with all web browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yahoo, Safari and many more. Before getting too much information about Free Forms Now, take a closer look at it's interface :

Delete Free Forms Now

Is 'Free Forms Now' A Trustworthy One?

It is one of the most frequently asked question by almost all System user. If you are also one of them then you must know that Free Forms Now is not a trustworthy at all. Actually it is another creation of Polarity Technologies Ltd. which is known for creating thousand of irrelevant or unnecessary program just only to trick user and for monetization purposes. So, you should not believe on its appearances and claims at all.

Free Forms Now Is Listed By Experts Under PUP Category

Yes, you heard absolutely right. The team of security analysts are listed Free Forms Now under the Potentially Unwanted Program because it follows the same intrusion method and behavior as other PUP do. It secretly proliferates inside the PC as a suspicious toolbar and bundled of shareware or freeware packages.

Once penetrating inside the machine successfully, first of all it hijacks user all browsers and prevent them from surfing the web normally. It highly consumes Computer resources and degrades performance speed. Due to this infection you may notice that your system behaves abnormally, several unnecessary modification in existing browser setting, abrupt system shut down and many more. As long as stays on your PC, it may also attacks on your personal data. So, it is very necessary to delete Free Forms Now instantly from infected machine.

Sole Intention of Free Forms Now

Similar to other PUP developers, Free Forms Now also aim to earn online money from users and for this, it bombards user screen with thousand of irritating ads in several form such as pop-ups, pop-unders, banners, promo codes, deals, discounts and many more. Hackers often generates the third-party ads using pay-per-install mechanism which means a single click on adverts will lead you to the third-party site and generate online revenue for unknown. This is why, you should not click on any suspicious advert or link.


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Mac Auto Fixer: A Removal Guide

First Appearance Of Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer is recently discovered perilous system threat. It is an unreliable system optimizing tool which was designed by an unknown developer named PCVARK and is associated with the Maftask that can be found in system activity monitoring. The domain name of Mac Auto Fixer is which was registered on 31-07-2018 & updated on 31-07-2018 whose registrar name is, LLC. with the server named as, Its status was maintained as clientDeleteProhibited, clientRenewProhibited, clientTransferProhibited, clientUpdateProhibited Registry Domain ID is 2292153656_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN. Mac Auto Fixer is a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) which represents itself on the website as a tool of Cleanup Utility for Mac.

Indications Of Mac Auto Fixer

Mac Auto Fixer is fake Mac based Operating System optimization and anti-virus utility scheme which appears to be a strong cyber crooks background and having decent coding skills also. It represents as a clone of Mac Defender which can claims to find various types of errors, viruses and other problematic issues on infected machines. Mac Auto Fixer is a Potentially Unwanted Program that claims to boost your Mac operating system performance by removing malware with temporary files and optimizing your computer. Then after scanning your system it will demand online money in order to help you out.

Limitations Of Mac Auto Fixer

The only single purpose of this Mac Auto Fixer applications is to earn easy money without doing any benefit to user. It will freeze your Mac operating system as it will start flooding of non-stop frustrating pop-up ads, decreases your system performance and display annoying warning messages on the system screen which also results in blocking of security measure applications like firewall protection and anti-virus program. It is totally based on Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) hijacking and works on Pay Per Click (PPC) method for gaining online benefit.

Eviction Of Mac Auto Fixer

If you are wondering that how to get rid of this Mac Auto Fixer virus from your operating system then you should take help of either manual or automatic tools.

Download for Mac

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EverydayMemo Toolbar Removal Easy & Effective Guidelines

Descriptive Note on EverydayMemo Toolbar

EverydayMemo Toolbar is identified as another dubious toolbar created by Adware developers. It is developed and published as a cost-free program by the most popular marketing company known as Mindspark Interactive Network. It is available for all installed browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge and many more. At the first glimpse, this toolbar is promoted as a trusted and useful one that allows System users to create several notes. The homepage of this toolbar also includes the direct links to YouTube, Gmail, Facebook,,,, Amazon, TripAdvisor and many more. Before getting complete information about it, take a closer look at it's interface through which it tricks more and more System users :

Delete EverydayMemo Toolbar

Main Role of EverydayMemo Toolbar

EverydayMemo Toolbar belongs to an adware family and like other adware, it also aim to strike user's installed browser and alter their new tab and homepage. Undoubtedly, it is promoted and seems as a trustworthy application that allows System user to get several beneficial features but in reality it doesn't deliver any useful feature. Being a form of ad-supported adware, it simply exploits user System as well as browser rather than providing any useful functions. Bear in your mind that EverydayMemo Toolbar is mainly created to promote the online ads and earn online revenue and for this it generates thousand of advertisements in numerous form and bombards on their screen including :

  • Full window ads
  • Banner ads
  • Pop-under
  • Pop-ups
  • Transitional ads
  • In-text ads
  • Other marketing items etc.

Ways Through Which EverydayMemo Toolbar Compromise PC

Being a nasty adware program, EverydayMemo Toolbar enters on user System unexpected. It is often delivered via third-party installer. Downloading of any shareware or freeware packages using default or typical option will lead your PC to such an adware infection. To avoid System having EverydayMemo Toolbar or other type of unwanted program, users must be cautious or attentive while performing the installation procedure. Otherwise, System users must have to suffer with lots of negative traits.

Negative Traits of EverydayMemo Toolbar

  • Exploits Computer vulnerabilities.
  • Slows down overall performance speed.
  • Modifies entire browser, System and crucial settings.
  • Hampers surfing experience.
  • EverydayMemo Toolbar adds some dubious toolbar without user's awareness.
  • Traces users online activities and endangers users personal data.


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Delete MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar From Affected PC Easily

MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar : Another Toolbar Created By Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.

MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar is another dubious browser extension that gets added to your browser automatically without your awareness. It is also created by the Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. At the first sight, this toolbar is promoted and seems as a complete tool because it claims to allow the System users to customize their calendar for free. On it's office site, it is promoted as 'Free Calendar Templates' that can be easily and safely downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Before, you get complete information of MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar, take a closer look at the interface through which it tricks more and more System users :

Delete MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar

Reasons Why Experts Not Advised Users To Use MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar

Undoubtedly, MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar seems as a trustworthy and useful one at the first glimpse that promises users to help them in making plan of their time in a very convenient manner. The official domain of this page suggests that it will help you to keep track of your all important programs, events and many more. It is represented on a page that seems as a homepage of the search engine. In short, the developers of MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar is designed it in a legitimate way but due to it stealth infiltration and the strange behavior, security experts are flagged it as a potentially unwanted program.

Know How MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar Can Victimized PC

Being a member of Potentially Unwanted Program, it doesn't need approval to proliferate inside the machine. MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar is available for downloading on it's official website, from where user can easily download it by clicking on 'Download' button. It also available for downloading the Chrome Web Store. Besides, another most popular and common distribution channel of so-called bundling method. It comes to users PC along with the bundled of freeware or shareware packages. To avoid the attack of MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar or other unwanted program, users must be cautious while installing any freeware and shareware packages.

Notorious Actions Performed By MyCalendarPlanner Toolbar

  • Hijacks users all installed browsers.
  • Displays several ads in numerous form such as banners, full-text ads, window ads, discounts, deals, etc.
  • Always lead users to third-party site while browsing the web.
  • Alters users browser, System, desktop and another crucial settings without users awareness.
  • Collects and transmits users all personal data to third-party sites.
  • Slows down Computer working speed.
  • Capable to bring several hazardous System threats inside the PC without users awareness etc.


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Prevention Techniques For My Inbox Helper

My Inbox Helper: An Outline

My Inbox Helper is recently found pernicious malware program. Its categorized under browser hijacker advertising-supported program which misleads the end user by presenting itself as a authentic search engine. is the domain name of My Inbox Helper whose registrar name is, LLC and was registered on 23-08-2018, updated on 23-08-2018. Its Registry Domain ID is 2301442968_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN and their server names are, It is POWERED BY YAHOO! classified as PUP.AD.BY. As your system got infected by My Inbox Helper, it will completely ruin the online browsing experience of the affected user by occurrence of many problems at a time. It is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) based browser hijacker which works on the principle of Pay Per Click (PPC) method for earning online revenue.

Characteristics Of My Inbox Helper

My Inbox Helper is completely a destructive program that secretly gets into your system without permission. While surfing on any web browser this adware bring many major issues like irritating users by discounts coupons, pop-ups, banners countless undesired commercial ads, audio-video ads, and exciting offers, etc. are continuously displayed on the page. It is a complete fake search engine and redirection of malicious websites is possible. It is created by cyber hackers just to cheat innocent users. My Inbox Helper mostly get into your system when connected with free third party programs, spam emails, suspicious links, malicious websites, porn sites and shareware. It can infect all versions of Windows OS as well as all browsing versions very easily.

My Inbox Helper: Harmful Features

There are several harmful features of My Inbox Helper which can seriously affect the compromised system some of them are as mentioned below:

  • 1. It installs many malicious programs into computer without your permission.
  • 2. It can also redirects you to linked advertising pages or phishing websites.
  • 3. It floods tons of junk files on your hard drive.
  • 4. It expose your sensitive information and personal files for cyber hackers.
  • 5. It decreases your system performance and even cause constant blue screen.

Cleaning Of My Inbox Helper

Thus, if My Inbox Helper has been detected in your system you must take the help of anti- malware program like manual or automatic methods to remove this notorious virus as soon as possible.


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Uninstall Search4Musix Quickly Within 5 Minutes

Introduction To Search4Musix

Search4Musix is a potentially unwanted program which causes several kinds of problems in your PC, this is an irritating virus which can make your PC vulnerable. It enters into your system silently without any confirmation. It shows different kinds of banners, coupons, deals, offers etc. It has infected 63 computer till now.

It is associated with the browser extension and you can download it for free from hxxps:// and hxxps:// Search4Musix basically used for changing the default search provider to It is made by Aztec Media Inc. This program read and changes the user's data on a different kinds of websites such as and It communicate with the cooperating sites and exchange messages on all browsers except Firefox.

How Does Search4Musix Enters Into Your Computer

Search4Musix enters into the computer via different kinds of methods like spam email attachments, peer to peer file transfer, clicking on unknown links, visiting nasty websites etc.

What Are The Common Symptoms Of Search4Musix

  • Search4Musix makes your system slow and sluggish.
  • Blue screen of death causes.
  • Programs will start to open and close automatically.
  • Your files will get manipulated and shows lack of storage space.
  • You will see suspicious hard drive and modem activity.
  • You will also see different kinds of Pop-ups, toolbars, websites and other undesirable program.
  • Your system will start to send spam email automatically.

How Much Search4Musix Is Harmful

Search4Musix is so harmful because it helps hackers to monitor your every work on the system and online. They watch your activities remotely and hack your data and generate profits.

How Will You Protect Your System From Search4Musix

Install and update the antivirus software and always turn on the firewall protection. You should use the multiple and strong password every where online. You should also keep the operating system up to date. Do not use the free Wi-Fi connection. Use the Google drive to save your data. Create a back up file in external hard drive. You should secure your network and think before going to click on the link that you have never seen before. You can also follow the instruction here to remove Search4Musix completely from your PC.


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Remove Jzip Quickly From Your Computer

Introduction To Jzip

Jzip is a software which is used to make zip folder. It can compress your file. It has a website as You can visit this website and downloads the free software but it has so many disadvantages also because it invite vulnerabilities to your computer. You can see on the website that it bears a free download button and illustrated the features of the software. It has used the tag line as “The Best File Compression Solutions!” it has already mentioned that this software can create , open and extract Zip, TAR, GZip and 7-Zip. One can “open and extract from RAR and ISO.”

when you download this free software, it will act as an potentially unwanted program. Jzip sometime also enters into your computer silently without your permission. It also use different kinds of method to enter into the system like spam email attachments, peer to peer file transfer network, unpatched software, visiting malicious websites, clicking on unknown link etc.

What Are The Factors That Can Hamper Your Computer After Installing Jzip

Jzip can slowdown your system and you will see the blue screen of death. Programs will start to open and close automatically. You will also face the lack of storage space and manipulation of the files which has saved on your computer. You will visit the banners, coupons, deals, offer and continuous advertisements on your computer screen. It will show the warning signs and pop-ups also.

Bad Impacts Of The Jzip

Jzip give the opportunities that hackers can conveniently monitor your all work on the system and hack your important data to make money. You will face troubles and disturbance in your privacy.

Preventive Measures From Jzip

Jzip is very harmful for your computer. You can prevent your system by taking some action like install the antivirus software and update it regularly. Always turn on the firewall protection in your PC and use strong password everywhere. You should also keep your operating system up to date and secure the network. You should always keep the private information safe and do not use free Wi-Fi connection. Also you can follow the instruction here to remove Jzip completely from your computer.


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Remove PC MightyMax Completely From Your PC

Brief Introduction Of PC MightyMax

PC MightyMax is a registry cleaner but it's function is fake and it was discovered in 2006. the hackers has released latest version of this software. It has infected 12,491 PCs till now. It is a bogus software and not going to clean your registry. It is a fake security program which is made to protect your PC from malware attack. It means most of the security tools are well equipped and easy to handle rather than this bogus software.

How Does PC MightyMax Loaded On Your Computer

PC MightyMax loaded by the different procedures like spam email attachments, peer to peer file transfer network, drive by download, social media, freeware, shareware etc.

How Does PC MightyMax Causes Different Kinds Of Activities Into Your Computer

PC MightyMax is a fake security software and it really causes a harmful activities which compromise your system. When you install this software, you will face lots of fake advertisements and pop-ups. Your PC will also start to run very slow and respond very sluggishly. The home page will also get reset which you have not requested. The system will start to crash and you will face unusual messages which show unexpectedly. Your security solution will get disable. Strange messages will start to send to your friends. Unusual error messages are also start to display and you will be unable to access your control panel. You will analyze that everything is working perfectly but it is not in real.

What Are The Harmful Impacts Of PC MightyMax

PC MightyMaxgive chances to hackers that they can easily monitor your all working activities on the system remotely. They fetch your important data and make money online. This will create lots of trouble to you. So, t is very important that you should take some preventive action from PC MightyMax. You should install and update the antivirus software and do the schedule scan. Always turn on your firewall protection. Use the strong and multiple password everywhere online. You can also follow the instruction here to remove PC MightyMax completely from your PC.


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