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(Solved!) How To Delete Native Desktop Media Service From PC Easily

Have you noticed Native Desktop Media Service in the list of your installed application? Are you too much annoyed by seeing endless pop-up ads and links? If so, it is clear that your System is infected with a type of an adware. Well, no need to be panic because you can easily uninstall it by following an effective solution which is described at the end of this post.

Delete Native Desktop Media Service

Know About Native Desktop Media Service

Native Desktop Media Service is promoted by its developer as a helpful utility but you should not kept it on your device. According to the depth analysis by researchers, it is a type of potentially unwanted program which is programmed by the team of security analysts or experts using strong and aggressive marketing strategies to turn System user from visitor to customer. Such type of program is mainly know for injecting several adverts on entire pages that you open under several text including :

  • Ads by Native Desktop Media Service
  • Advertisement by Native Desktop Media Service
  • Sponosred by Native Desktop Media Service
  • Brought to you by Native Desktop Media Service
  • Promoted by Native Desktop Media Service and much more.

How Can You Recognize The Presence of Native Desktop Media Service?

Due to the presence of Native Desktop Media Service, you may notice that your entire pages are covered by full window ads, banner ads, sliding panels, hyperlinks and much more. While connecting yourself with Internet, you will notice dozen of pop-ups and links on your screen. It hampers your browsing experience and causes too much interruption. All these aggressive ads are designed by the cyber criminals using Pay-Per-Install mechanism, clicking on any ads will lead your browser to the sponsored site and generate online revenue for unknown. Besides, it slows down your System as well as Internet working speed, alters browsers as well as default settings, lead victims to third-party site and much more. Once getting any harmful symptom, you must take an immediate action to delete Native Desktop Media Service.

How Native Desktop Media Service Installs Inside Your PC?

  • Available to download on it's official site.
  • Comes along with bundled of shareware or freeware packages.
  • Travels via spam campaigns.
  • Packed along with cracked or pirated software.
  • Easily penetrates inside PC by clicking on any suspicious ads or links etc.


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