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How To Detect And Delete Trojan Cloxer

Summary Of The Threat

Name Trojan Cloxer
Type Trojan
Distribution channels Spam email messages, free software or infected removable drives
Symptoms Corrupt Program files, results in error like Blue Screen Of Death
Detection Download Free Scanner can detect Trojan Cloxer


Short Explanation On Trojan Cloxer

Trojan Cloxer is a Trojan virus which seems to be impeccable but it is not, as stated by cyber experts. It creates many nuisance inside your PC. It generally aims in gathering informations related to your work either it is online or offline. It also causes your program files to get corrupted due to which some applications on your system become inaccessible. It downloads many junk files into your system without your consent due to which your CPU utilization is increased to its maximum which may sometime results in the error like BSOD error.

Trojan Cloxer also inserts new entries in the Windows Registry Editor and can also modify some other entries which are already present there. It may also generates an error sometime that your computer has been effected by some malware showing you the list of those malware which is nothing but a trick to disturb you and make you do as they want you to do so that they can earn maximum profits from it.

How Trojan Cloxer Gets A Way To Your PC?

Trojan Cloxer can infiltrate inside your PC in several ways but all the ways have one thing in common and that is use of Internet. Trojan Cloxer developer believes that the most prominent way to infiltrate into your PC is by spam email messages. As spam email messages has the high chance of tricking the user who are not skilled enough as they are unaware about the critical consequences of downloading these attachments. Making advantage of the lack of knowledge of the user Trojan Cloxer infiltrate inside the PC as soon as user download the attachment to that email.

How You Can Remove Trojan Cloxer From Your PC?

Detecting Trojan Cloxer and deleting it is much difficult as it hides itself inside your PC somewhere where it cannot be traced by your antivirus program. Therefore you should try to detect it using some potential antivirus program which should have power to encounter virus like Trojan Cloxer.


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