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Steps To Get Rid Of search.mediatvtabsearch.com From PC

Summary Of The Threat

Name search.mediatvtabsearch.com
Type Browser hijacker
Danger Level Medium
Symptoms Redirection, Pop-ups add
Communication Media Bundling
Created By Imali Media (N.I. Media Ltd.)

Concise Description of search.mediatvtabsearch.com

Search.mediatvtabsearch.com is a fake search engine domain which looks genuine from its architecture but is dangerous in implementation. It appears to be as legitimate as other search engine like Google or Yahoo because it has a stylish home page which includes many features in it. Search.mediatvtabsearch.com configures your browser in such a way that every time when you will open a new tab to search for your query you will be forced to search your query using the search domain mediatvtabsearch.com. Your default home page will also be altered by it with its own home page.

Search.mediatvtabsearch.com contains a toolbar which comprises of an omnibox (addressbar) in which you are suggested to type ‘m’ for quick media search. The toolbar of search.mediatvtabsearch.com according to it also facilitates some links related to movies, TV channel, sports channel, news channel, social channels, email sites and shopping sites. Search.mediatvtabsearch.com comprises of some buttons on its homepage which provides you quick access to some important sites like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Gmail and many more. The home page of search.mediatvtabsearch.com is programmed to look so simple and sound that any new user of Internet can be easily tricked to download its extension and to use it as its default search engine.

How search.mediatvtabsearch.com Invades Your PC?

Search.mediatvtabsearch.com follows the traditional method to infiltrate your PC that is bundling. Some freeware developer bundle search.mediatvtabsearch.com program with its own product and move the product to the market for installation. Freeware developer is paid by the malware developer to bundle this fake domain with its product. If this product is downloaded by the user without actually gathering all information about it then, search.mediatvtabsearch.com extension will also get installed along with it.

Harmful Effects Of search.mediatvtabsearch.com

Some primary dangerous effects of search.mediatvtabsearch.com are as following:

  • It makes your default browser work slow due to which your browser cannot update itself which can be dangerous from security point of view.
  • It may redirects you to some malicious sites which can inject harmful malware into your PC.
  • It may steal your personal data related to your browsing habits and share it with some third party.

How To Prevent Your PC From search.mediatvtabsearch.com?

You must gather complete information regarding the product you are purchasing online. You should opt to choose the buttons like ‘custom’, ‘advance’ or ‘more’ which are made available to you at the time of installation of the software which will help you to know about the third party software bundled along with the freeware.


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