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Infected with Facexworm! Try This Trojan Removal Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Facexworm

Facexworm is a newly developed JavaScript CPU Miner program that can gather funds in your digital wallet by hijacking your online accounts for the cryptocurrency trading platforms. It is distributed through the network of compromised accounts on a popular social networking website named Facebook. In addition to that, the developers of this malware are using bogus YouTube web pages and malicious Chrome extensions as way to infect the Windows machine with Facexworm CPU miner Trojan. The main objective of the malware operators is to gain cryptocurrency from the compromised systems and infect as much computer users as possible through sending malicious links on Facebook.


How Does Facexworm Attack the Targeted Users?

Furthermore, the Trojan is propagated through a clever method which exploits the PC user's curiosity and also due to the lack of knowledge on how video steaming of YouTube works. Cyber criminals uses fake accounts on social networks like Facebook and also the compromised but verified accounts in order to deliver direct messages that contains a malicious link considered as a payload of Facexworm virus distributed over the social networks. Inexperienced system users were instructed to click on the embedded links to a open a obfuscated malicious portal that supposedly had any kind of entertaining videos.

Technically speaking, the fake web portal of YouTube designed by the criminal hackers responsible for Facexworm attack displays an error notification saying that the visitor needs to download and install a Chrome extension before the displayed video can play properly. Besides, the users of Facebook who followed the harmful link in Mozilla Firefox and other Internet browsers were redirected to a random advert. Once the recommended extension gets downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, it immediately injects the browser with Facexworm JavaScript CPU Miner Trojan and hijacks the CPU power. The main objective of this malware is to hijack the user's digital wallets, gather credentials for cryptocurrency platforms, intercept their transactions and divert fund to hackers' wallet. Therefore, it should be removed from your PC as early as possible.


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