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Couldn’t Remove Start-pagesearch.com? (Try This Removal Guide)

Can you trust Start-pagesearch.com website?

Before trying to set a new search tool like 'Start-pagesearch.com' onto your Internet browser, you should check that the website is a browser hijacker or not. Unluckily, this domain proves to be the wrong choice for a search engine since it falls into the category of hijacker threats. It is mainly used for promoting third party web portals. Therefore, if you really want to prevent the invasion of potentially unwanted programs, you should start checking each and every freeware apps that you are going to install on your PC and make sure that it does not contain any kind of additional or optional component. In case, if Start-pagesearch.com infiltrates your machine, it may easily modify your default search engine and the homepage on each of your installed web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, IE, Safari, Opera and others.


As soon as it does that, the threat may start tracking you and capturing personally non-identifiable data related to your online browsing activities. For instance, it may investigate the web pages that you visit most frequently, info that you may enter on those visited sites, gather search terms, email address, IP address and so on. In addition to that, once Start-pagesearch.com replaces your start page and homepage, it may also initiate unwanted browser redirects to predetermined domains or in other words, the threat may deceptively make you visit insecure sites that you certainly don't want to visit. Besides, it may deliver modified search results that are filled with sponsored links in priority.

Issues Caused by Start-pagesearch.com Hijacker

Consequently, when you click on the displayed ads or the links displayed on its altered search results, you may be redirected to affiliate websites unconsciously. Some of those affiliate domains may even appear to be really questionable or unsafe. At last, you should be aware that Start-pagesearch.com search tool may also initiate lots of commercial advertisements during your online browsing session and slow down your infected machine. In order to prevent all these aroused issues, especially unwanted redirects, you should a run a full PC scan with the help of credible anti-spyware shield to remove the hijacker and its related plug-in or extension from your computer right away.


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