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How To Get Rid Of Search.paradiskus.com Virus?

Is your browser regularly redirecting your each page to Search.paradiskus.com? If yes, then your system has a malware named Search.paradiskus.com on your computer. You must be careful enough now in using your PC and should look for a solution to remove this malware immediately from your PC.

What is Search.paradiskus.com? Explain Its Functions.

Search.paradiskus.com is domain name of a fake search engine which actually does the work for its developer despite of working for the benefits of the user. It redirects you to some of its partner's site for which it will be paid on the basis of pay-per-click method. It may redirects you to some of the sites which your default search engine would have resisted to visit. But as your default search engine has now been hijacked by Search.paradiskus.com virus due to which your browser settings has also been altered and hence your are made to land on the sites which have the nature to inject more malicious malware on your computer so that your PC security could be compromised.

Search.paradiskus.com performs some other activities too like it regularly displays pop-ups on your desktop screen which intervene while you are working online. It replaces the home page of your browser and also the default search engine with one of its own. It is also capable of altering some of your crucial system settings like Internet security due to which it can disable your firewall and can make your PC more vulnerable. Search.paradiskus.com steals your personal data related your browsing habits and thereafter displays you the adds related to those fields which you love to surf the most and also share those gathered information with some third party.

How Search.paradiskus.com Invades Your PC?

Search.paradiskus.com infiltrates in your PC by being bundled in some software which is available for free on the Internet. It hides its identity at the time user download this freeware due to which it gets installed on your PC without coming in your knowledge and settles itself in the form of extension or cookies on your PC.

How To Prevent Search.paradiskus.com From Infiltrating?

At first sight Search.paradiskus.com appears as legitimate as other search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo but it is just an illusion nothing else. So you should be careful while downloading any software from Internet as this fake search engine is capable of doing various malicious activities on your PC. Therefore must read complete EULAs while purchasing any product to know about the third party programs bundled along with that product.


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