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{Tips!} Remove .MTXLOCK File Virus in Few Simple Clicks

Get More Knowledge on .MTXLOCK File Virus

.MTXLOCK File Virus is a newly-developed file-encoder ransomware virus infection which is identified as a new variant of Matrix Ransomware. In this new variant, security researchers have found small modification that encrypts the affected file name by adding a weird extension i.e. '.MTXLOCK'. Cyber security researchers have reported this threat in the first week of May 2018, but the initial version of this malware was found in the first week of April 2018. The main idea of the hackers behind the release of this ransomware is that most of the anti-virus program can pick up and removed the earlier version of .MTXLOCK File Virus.

.MTXLOCK File Virus

Therefore, cyber criminals responsible for this attack released the modified version and setup a new 'Command and Control' server in order to store the decryption key receive directly from the affected machines. To make the victim's files inaccessible, the threat uses AES-256 ciphers and encrypts them by adding '.MTXLOCK' suffix. What's more, .MTXLOCK File Virus also has the ability to remove the System Restore points and delete the Shadow Volumes copies especially created by Windows. However, the affected computer remain stable and can be operated as well because the ransomware only encrypts the user-generated files. In addition to that, the malware is associated with some email addresses identified as 'RestoreFile2018@gmail.com' and 'RestoreFile@yahoo.com'.

Dealing with .MTXLOCK File Virus

After successfully encoding the targeted files types saved on victim's PC, the .MTXLOCK File Virus displays a ransom notification reported as '#Decrypt_files_ReadMe#.rtf' onto the system's desktop where the users may notice a different email address i.e. 'RestoreFile@yahoo.com' for contacting the hackers. However, security experts at CPM never recommend you to contact the racketeers and do not endorse complying with the ransom amounts laid by notorious hackers. It is strongly advised to use backup copies and other safe data recovery method to rescue the files encoded by this ransomware. However, before proceeding for file restoration, you must delete .MTXLOCK File Virus from your computer. For that purpose, we recommend using a credible anti-malware shield like the one provided below in this article.


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