Pulpy Ransomware – Removal Techniques From Computer

Threat Summary:


Pulpy Ransomware



Wild level:


Reported on:

June 2018

Distribution Method:

Software bundling techniques, Clicking on nasty links


AES-256, RSA2048Pro, RSA-2048



Email ID

pulpy2@cock.li, thomasRaymond@protonmail.com, pulpy@protonmail.ch

Ransom Note



Detect Pulpy Ransomware completely

A Brief Summary On Pulpy Ransomware

Pulpy Ransomware is a serious cyber scam threat which uses the method to encrypt the files for solving the wrong intention of the crooks. This is the cryptovirus having various misleading techniques which helps hackers to collect money in a huge way. It is developed in June 2018. It sneaks into the system and locks your data so that you will be unable to open the files in any cost. It sneaks without your permissions via software bundling techniques, clicking on nasty links, unsafe network file transfer and so on. These techniques are very effective and quickly penetrate Pulpy Ransomware into your computer.

How Does Pulpy Ransomware Encrypt Your Files?

This question is very important to know because you can confirmly know that this ransomware is injected into your machine and encrypted your files. The Pulpy Ransomware uses the strong ciphers of AES-256, RSA2048Pro, RSA-2048 to encrypt your files. These are the algorithm which typically uses at the time of creation of this virus. It encrypts the files such as documents, spreadsheets, power-points, images, audio, videos etc. These files have the extension as .ppt, .xls, .doc and so on. The encryption of such files by this ransomware changes its extension. There is another extension which is created by the hackers and they put this extension as a suffix at the end of each file name. You can see the example here: data locks.doc get changed into the data lockes.doc.aes. The extension “.aes” is used by the hackers to encrypt your files. So, you can now understand that how will this ransomware lock your files.

What Are The Techniques Which Are Used By The Hackers Of Pulpy Ransomware To Demand Ransom Money

The hackers of Pulpy Ransomware are so clever. After changing your files, they drop the ransom note as Instruction.txt. They give the message by this note and warn you to pay the fee to decrypt your files. They alert you to pay the amount within 2 days and prescribe the email ID as pulpy2@cock.li, thomasRaymond@protonmail.com, pulpy@protonmail.ch to contact them. But there is no guarantee that you will get the decryption key to unlock your files. If possible then you should try to create the data backup files in other external hard drive. You may take the step to restore the data by using the data recovery software.


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Uninstall Pokki Start Menu From Win XP | Vista | 7 | 8 | 10

Pokki Start Menu : Another PUP Spreads Via Bundling

Pokki Start Menu is a type of legitimate software which is developed by Sweet Labs Inc. for Windows 10 and Windows 8 operating systems. Technically speaking, it mainly comes bundled with freeware applications because various companies uses this method to gain revenue from the third parties in short period of times. The main reason why some PC users like this program is that it replaces the default start menu which closely remind of Windows 7 OS. However, they also love the customization option in Pokki Start Menu like size and place of icon can easily be adjusted and other parameters as well.

Pokki Start Menu

Nevertheless, some of the system users are quite irritated about the functionality of this program because it has been identified to gather various data related to the infected users and display targeted intrusive ads on their system screen. Cyber security researchers have categorized this software as a potentially unwanted program because Pokki Start Menu irritates the Windows users through its disturbing advertisements and tendency to monitor user's online activities. However, it is not a computer virus as it does not damage the infected machine nor the files stored onto it. Luckily, the removal of this adware is not complicated but eliminating its related components may be quite difficult for the users to detect and remove manually.

What are the consequences of Pokki Start Menu?

Right after getting inside, it will install other unknown programs on your computer without seeking your approval. It is important for you to stay away from other adwares that Pokki Start Menu may install on your machine because they inject the device with various junk files that can degrade the perform of infected computer. Moreover, you may also notice the high amount of pop-ups ads on every web pages that you visit on the popular Internet browsers like Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, MS Edge, Firefox and others. Clicking on those displayed adverts might lead you to unsafe or infectious domains as well. Thus, it would be better for you to remove Pokki Start Menu adware immediately from your system.


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Perfect Solution For Deleting Smoke Loader From Windows PC

This post aims to help System user for deleting Smoke Loader from their Windows machine. This instruction will works with almost all version of Windows OS. So, any Windows users can easily follow the step-by-step Smoke Loader Trojan removal guide.

Delete Smoke Loader

All Crucial Facts That You Must Know About Smoke Loader Trojan

Smoke Loader is listed by security analyst as a very notorious and dangerous Trojan infection created by the security analysts to attack almost all version of Windows System. Such a variant of malware is created by the cyber hackers to get online revenue via stealing users all crucial data. The occurrences of such a malware will really cause lots of serious troubles to you. It allows cyber hackers to access PC remotely and creates a back channel to receive the instructions from its developer. The presence of such a malware inside your PC will definitely make your System completely useless. Due to Smoke Loader you have to really face with several negative traits which is described in the post.

Ways Through Which Smoke Loader Compromised Windows PC

The developers of Smoke Loader uses lots of tricky ways and social engineering tactics but the most common distribution channel is free software marketing methods and bundles of freeware or shareware application that you downloaded in your PC from the Internet. The developers of such a malware may also compromise your machine when you open any spam message, download any dubious attachments, click on any suspicious ads, visit any hacked domain, share file over P2P network etc.

Malicious Actions Performed By Smoke Loader

Once Smoke Loader invades inside your machine successfully, it implements the several dangerous and malicious activities. First of all, it damages your Registry which is known as the crucial section of Windows OS and after that it disable Systems security measures. It automatically delete registry keys as well as files and add the harmful files into Registry which causes several program malfunctions. It highly consumes Computer as well as network resources which as a result it downpours Computer overall System and performance speed. The harmful effects of Smoke Loader doesn't end here. Worst still, it helps other type of malicious threats to attack Windows PC and destroy it. In order to keep PC away from further malware infection, System users must follow an immediate Smoke Loader removal solution.


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CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 Removal From Windows Computer

Complete Explanation on CASTVPN VERSION 1.1

CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 is a kind of potentially unwanted program which gets inside your computer without asking your permission. Once it settles on the system, it may bombard your PC screen with its related advertisements and pop-ups. For the numerous users, such phenomenon is just more than inconvenient. Due to the presence of this adware on your system, you may come across some certain domains that you actually don't want to visit. Although, CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 is especially used by the cyber crooks for leading web surfers to affiliate portals seeking to increase their web page rank or sales.


According to some infected system users, when they clicked on the ads displayed by this threat they have been misguided into downloading and installing other suspicious apps on their device. You should always remember that how safe CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 ads look, you need to be very cautious with each of those ads because they may try to trick into downloading other PUPs or adwares. In addition to that, if those pop-ups offered you to update Flash or Java Player, then you should also ignore them because clicking on the 'Update' button may lead to the invasion of rogue programs or additional cyber infection which is malicious in nature as well. You should always visit official website of the software to update them to the newer version.

Dealing with CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 Adware

If you have noticed the appearance of potentially undesired program like CASTVPN VERSION 1.1, then seems that it is a high time for you to scan your machine with credible anti-spyware shield. This will help you to detect all adwares or its related components that may be hiding inside your machine. Additionally, you can also opt for manual elimination procedure that can be used to get rid of CASTVPN VERSION 1.1 adware as well. What's more important, you need to be very careful and also make sure that you have removed each and every components related to this infection, including bad registries and files completely from the system.


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Findit-fast.net – Delete Findit-fast.net Completely From Machine

An Introduction To Findit-fast.net

Findit-fast.net is a low quality search engine which completely spoil your computer and redirect you on other unknown websites. It changes the settings of default browser which may be Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox etc. It is an irritating hijacker and will completely disturb your privacy. Your browsing experience will become very low. It is very disturbing element and you should keep your computer virus free.

How Does Findit-fast.net Penetrate Into Your System

Findit-fast.net penetrate via different techniques like shareware, peer to peer file transfer network, freeware, drive by downloads, etc. These are the common method by which Findit-fast.net enters into your system.

Common Symptoms Of The Findit-fast.net

  • Findit-fast.net makes your system slow and sluggish.
  • It modify the default browser homepage, new tab pages, default search engine, browser settings and bookmarks
  • It also changes the browser security settings.
  • You will get pop-up ads or banner ads when you are surfing online.
  • It modifies the browser shortcuts.
  • You will be unable to do manual changes in your browser.
  • The browser will become slow and sometime it may crush
  • it also disable the browser updates.
  • Suspicious browser toolbars, plug-ins and extensions will discovered.
  • You will be unable to launch certain programs.
  • Unwanted advertisements or free games will get installed on your system.

Hazardous Environment Created By Findit-fast.net

Findit-fast.net is the most harmful and irritating browser hijacker. It completely spoil your browser and dispaly pop-up ads such that you will click on that and the fake traffic will generate. Your antivirus and firewall become disable. The hackers also get the chance to monitor your online work. They collect all important information from your computer. It creates the internet web traffic for the revenue. Your privacy will get disturb and your data will hacked by them. You are advised here that remove Findit-fast.net completely from your PC. You can easily install the antivirus virus software and update it regularly. Use the strong password every where. Scan your system in a schedule way. Always on the firewall protection and keep your operating system up to date.


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Remove Win32.Adware.Mindspark From Your Computer

A Short Note On Win32.Adware.Mindspark

Win32.Adware.Mindspark is a very harmful and annoying virus as it can completely ruin your computer. It has different kinds of behaviors and it causes vulnerabilities by the various techniques. Firstly it enters in your computer through spam email attachments, freeware downloads, shareware, drive by downloads and so on. These are the typical method which helps this trojan virus to penetrate inside your computer. Once it get invade your system, it starts its irritating activities. This trojan is effectively spoil your system and provides viscous scenario that you have never expected.

What Does Win32.Adware.Mindspark Do When It Enters Into Your System?

It is a very common question that what types of circumstances will be created by this Win32.Adware.Mindspark. It is not only infect your computer, but also provides the data loss. Effectively said here that it will give the chance to hackers that your data will get hacked by them. They also monitor your every work that you do online and documents. It also creates the background entry for the different kinds of virus such as adware, spyware, ransomware, worms, threats etc. Your CPU will start to consume heavy electricity power also.

The Most Appropriate Symptoms Of Win32.Adware.Mindspark That Are Found Inside Your Machine

There are various types of symptoms that you will find on your machine after the penetration of Win32.Adware.Mindspark. This trojan virus will effectively spoil your system. You will get disturb your privacy. The common symptoms of this trojan virus are:

  • Your system will get slow and sluggish.
  • It may get freeze and totally crash.
  • The pop-up message will also start to display on your system screen.
  • Annoying types of advertisements will start to run on your computer.
  • The online traffic will increase.
  • The browser homepage will also get changed without your permission.
  • The antivirus and firewall protection will get disable.
  • Some unfamiliar shortcuts or icons will show on your computer.
  • Different kinds error messages will displayed.
  • You will be unable to access the control panel.
  • Everything seems that they working properly on your PC.

Follow the instruction here to delete Win32.Adware.Mindspark completely from your computer.


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Tips To Delete BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th From PCs

BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th Description

BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th detection is used by the cyber security programs in order to specify a malicious executable which is also perceived as riskware. The detection of this threat is used to notify the Windows users about a program that may display unwanted pop-ups and annoying advertisements in the web browser installed on their computer. Although, you may do well to remember that Trojan virus might feature intrusive links to unsafe web portals, and you may be rerouted to visit risky websites and fake online shopping domains. The binary of BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th virus may have been added to your machine as a web browser toolbar during the installation of cost-free apps through 'Typical' or 'Express' option.


Cyber security analysts highly advise the computer users to be very careful while browsing the web and installing freeware programs because they often travel bundled with potentially unwanted applications or adwares. As mentioned above, BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th malware may present you with intrusive adverts and generate pay-per-click revenue for their creators, and many system users might not like that. Therefore, you can be noted that you need to install a trusted and powerful anti-malware shield that can protect your machine from the invasion of adware, PUPs, hijackers and the most hazardous one i.e. Trojans or ransomware infections. Moreover, it is able to give unauthorized access to the compromised system as well as download various malicious files onto the machine.

How Does BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th Invade Your PC?

According to the cyber security analysts, BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th may enter users' computer with the help of dubious web browser exploits or using the unsolicited e-mails. Therefore, deleting this notorious Trojan virus with a decent anti-virus software is strongly advised because it is a dangerous cyber infection to a compromised PC that should be eliminated as soon as possible. For its complete removal, you can follow the instructions provided below including the manual one. However, manually deleting BehavesLike.Win32.Generic.th is not recommended because it places its harmful onto the various crucial system folders and any mistaken deletion of the valuable may lead to extra damages. Hence, you should opt for automatic virus removal.


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Delete Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio : 100% Working Solution To Remove Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

PC infected with Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio? Is it ruin your System experience and prevent you from accessing PC normally? Have you noticed several unexpected and weird modification in your System settings? Looking for an effective tutorial guide to get rid of Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio? If so, keep reading this post completely and carry out the instruction as in the exact order.

Delete Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

Technical Details of Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

Name of Threat Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio
Type Trojan
Risk Level High
Diagnosis Rate 38%
Affected Systems Windows OS
Detection FlyStudio
Filename e25328.exe
Length 1.5 Mb
Removal Possible, to delete Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio easily and completely users must download Windows Scanner Tool.

Descriptive Note on Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio is another term listed under the Trojan category which means it doesn't replicate itself but spread themselves over the Internet without users consent. Some of the security analysts are dubbed it as System backdoor because it steals users all personal data like users name, banking login details, password, debit or credit card details and many more. After gathering all personal details, it forwarded them to cyber attacker with wrong intention.

Activities Performed by Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio is a very dangerous Trojan infection that enumerates the procedure or processes executing on Windows PC and uses Systems processes memory to execute the malicious code. This malware is known for creating some executable files inside Windows folder, modifying or creating some registry entries and many more to execute the malicious code on Windows startup and perform execution procedure of the existing or newly downloaded System files.

Some other typical behavior of Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio

  • Automatically download and install several System malware.
  • Permit cyber hackers to access users PC remotely.
  • Record users keystrokes with evil intention.
  • Randomly convert webpage text to hyperlink.
  • Throws various fake alerts, messages or notifications on users screen.
  • Utilizes your System as well as network resources for the fraud etc.

Potential Sources of Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio Attack

Like other Trojan infection, Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio also enters inside the machine silently without seeking for users approval. The developers of this malware uses lots of channels to victimized more and more Windows machine but some of the potential sources are listed here :

  • Malicious webpages or domains.
  • Spam email attachments
  • Legitimate sites infected with Trojan:Win32/FlyStudio.
  • Fake software updater.
  • Pirated software
  • IRC channels
  • Drive-by-downloads
  • Exploit kits, infected devices, file sharing sites and many more.


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Remove Instant Games Now Frequently From Your Computer

Introduction to Instant Games Now

Instant Games Now is a potentially unwanted program which causes different types of activities and make your system vulnerable. It has different task which might cause harmful scenario to you also. About 200 games are created by the developers in Instant Games Now for Facebook. Every feature is added to the platform in closed beta. It's platform was built in one day for all. It sneaks directly into the computer without any permission. It has different methods to enter into your system like spam mail attachments, peer to peer network, freeware downloads, shareware etc. Once it sneaks into your system, it starts to do several unknown activities which causes harm to your computer.

What Types Of Behaviors Does Instant Games Now show

Instant Games Now shows various types of behaviors into your computer to spread vulnerabilities like:

  • It slowdown your computer.
  • Blue screen of death causes
  • programs automatically started to open and close.
  • Hard drive fill-up with suspicious files and shows lack of space.
  • Warning sign appears.
  • Websites, pop-ups, toolbars and different kind of programs start to show.
  • Your mail has started to send spam mails to your friend and family.

What Are The Unwanted Doings Of Instant Games Now

Instant Games Now is one of the interesting platform to play games but it causes vital scenario to your computer which you can't ignore. It also gives the opportunities to hackers to monitor your every work online. They collect information and make huge profit from that. Your privacy will get disturb and you will face lots of trouble. So, we suggest you to remove Instant Games Now instantly from your computer. You should take some major preventive actions which can keep your PC safe. You should install and update the antivirus protection and scan your computer regularly. You should also use the strong password which has multiple character for your document safety online. Always turn on the firewall protection and also up-to date the operating system. Always use the password to open the network connection. You should think before you click on any types of unknown links.


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Remove Screen Watch extension Quickly From Your Computer

What Do You Know About Screen Watch extension

Screen Watch extension is a potentially unwanted program. It has a capability to show pop-ups, banners, fake advertisements, deals and offers to attract users. It is only created for generating the revenue or PPC commission when user forcefully click on that. It is very annoying and when it penetrate into your system starts to create several harmful activities. It enters into the system without any permission of the user. It has different techniques to enter into your system like spam email attachments, freeware, shareware, clicking on malicious links, visiting nasty websites and so on.

Screen Watch extension is found on the Google web-store and it presents the URL as yournewtab.com. It consist a search bar and many other icons on it's homepage. It seems very useful and when you click on these icons the related web page will open. These icons are Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Screen Watch extension – What Are The Common Behaviors

  • Screen Watch extension make your system so vulnerable.
  • It slowdown your system.
  • Your system will show continuous pop-ups and force you to click on that.
  • Blue screen of death causes
  • program suddenly start to open and close
  • Your hard drive shows lack of storage space.
  • It gives warning sign.
  • Toolbar or other unwanted program will added to your browser.
  • Unknown mail starts to send to your friends.
  • Antivirus and firewall protection will disable.

Screen Watch extension – What Are The Conditions That It Might Harm Your PC

Screen Watch extension help hackers to generate huge money. They monitor your all activities online and collect the important information for their wrong motives. So, it is very important that you should take care of your PC.

Preventive Actions From Screen Watch extension

  • You should keep up to date to your operating system.
  • Always turn on the firewall protection.
  • Install antivirus and update it regularly.
  • Maintain a schedule scan of your PC.
  • Use multiple password which is very strong everywhere.
  • Use secure network to share the file.
  • You should think before you are going to click any unknown link.
  • Do not open the spam email attachments.


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